Tropical City Living in the Heart of the Metro

Looking for a relaxing respite in the heart of the city despite the burgeoning noise, pollution and stress the metropolis has to offer?

We get it, everyone is stressed with the recent demographics stating that people are more career driven nowadays and that everyone is rushing on a day to day basis. With endless paperworks, deadlines and pressure as we all struggle to climb the corporate ladder to success sooner or later we will all be burned out and will need to slow down, breathe the fresh air that we once had and bask in a tropical retreat like environment to recharge and de-stress ourselves.


What can we do with this conundrum? Well, Phinma Properties has just the right solution to your lifestyle woes. Last Wednesday July 15,2015 Phinma Properties just topped off their new development in the heart of the metro called “Hacienda Balai”  

Phinma Properties Executives during the Top Off Event of Hacienda Balai held last Wednesday
Phinma Properties Executives during the Top Off Event of Hacienda Balai held last Wednesday

So what is Hacienda Balai? Here’s a quick backgrounder on the said development.

Hacienda Balai, is a comfortable, private condominium development inspired by the relaxing hues of a tropical vacation home. Located in North Quezon City and providing easy access  to major roads and commercial centers, Hacienda Balai will let you experience a new and convenient way of urban living, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a well-earned rest without leaving the city.

This was designed as a personal tropical retreat, with exclusive amenities and features that will give you a worry-free stay in your comfortable city residence.

Relax in the vast open spaces of a sprawling community, where pocket gardens, specially-designed walkways and jogging paths, and children’s playgrounds will give you a soothing, serene environment. Enjoy the various amenities such as the adult and children’s swimming pools, spacious function halls, and the Resident’s Lounge, perfectly suited for a rewarding home vacation. 

Choose among the spacious unit offers, from 30 sqm units to 60 sqm combined units. All of Hacienda Balai’s units are ideally spaced for a truly relaxing low-density community. Roving security ensures the safety of you and your family, while dedicated property management services will ensure the future of your new investment, long after turnover.

PHINMA Properties developments have been designed to incorporate the ideal combination of affordability and quality, aptly branded as Affordabest condos. As an Affordabest condo, Hacienda Balai features long-term payment plans that allow clients to buy their units faster and easier, with an affordable price range of 1,110,000-1,368,000 for standard studio units.

With Affordabest condos, getting your dream homes is easier than ever before and you will never worry about high monthly amortization costs, giving you more of the comforts of city living for less.

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