Opening your Online Store Made Easy with Tack This!

Gone were the days of flipping through the dailies as we sit back, relax and pore over the pages of the dailies for our source of news while sipping hot coffee and having toast on Sunday mornings. Today at this day and age everything is fast paced and we want everything in an instant right at our fingertips.

Businesses are also taking a new approach as with the advent of E-Commerce and other online stores. Since it provides convenience not only to the buyers end but also to the sellers end as well. I just wish that there would be an easier way to establish my own website/ online store. Good thing Tack This invited me to their event last week wherein they further discussed how easy it was to generate sales and build your own website right at your fingertips at a fraction of a cost making it easier for non- technologically adept people like myself to begin with establish my own website in a jiffy.  Here’s a quick briefer on what it’s all about

Easy as 1,2, 3 right? 🙂 Attached here also in this post is the event held last week wherein bloggers and media personnel were invited to their website launch at Vyne 🙂

TackThis! stores can go wherever you go. You can post your TackThis! store to social media sites like Facebook, as well as blog sites like Tumblr and Blogspot, for your personal blog. The fact that you can have your TackThis! store posted on different platforms means that you can instantly have a substantial amount of potential customers.

In short, TackThis! facilitates and optimizes the buying process, so you can effectively sell your product. It makes it easy to convert visitors into customers. since they offer a variety of payment options tailored for the Philippine market, including cash-on-delivery. These choices make it hard for a customer to say ‘no’ to the product they are really pining for in your store.

TackThis! automates many aspects of your store through its built in dashboards and tools, so that you can reach infinitely more people. For example, if you’re selling informally through a social media site, you’ll often get inquiries for products that you no longer have stock of. This wastes both the inquirer’s time, resulting in a bad customer experience, as well as yours.

Since TackThis! has automated inventory tracking, customers will only be able to purchase products that you actually have in stock. This means that they have a smoother customer experience and that you will no longer have to worry about losing potential sales. You can focus on the bigger picture.


TackThis!™ is a product of PayWhere Pte Ltd. It is an effective e-retail solution with social commerce capabilities that empowers individuals and businesses to sell across web, social media and mobile. Individuals and businesses partner with TackThis!™ to enable social shopping experiences for customers across social networks such as Facebook, LiveJournal and your websites. Setup an online store with TackThis!™ and leverage on social media to optimize sales.

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