MY JOURNEY BACK TO HEALTHY HAIR: Abby Asistio’s Recovery from Alopecia

Having such shiny long locks of hair is one of our crowning glories as women. I myself would like to tie up my hair in a bun, pull it up neatly into a scrunchie or even color it into various shades. I have already tried various hair colors like blonde, red, jet black, burgundy and the list goes on.

Abby's transformation

Me (Light Brown Hair) with my Mom
Me (Light Brown Hair) with my Mom
Me (Burgundy Hair) with Angel Jacob
Me (Burgundy Hair) with Angel Jacob

Also I have tried sporting a bob cut before during my early years in the grades. I have also tried to grow it as long as my waist and maintained it to my now shoulder length hair so I don’t have to suffer the hassle of styling it every waking morning and at the same time I don’t get to be mistaken as a guy due to my tall and lanky frame and short hair. Losing hair would be such a dilemma to us girls since our self esteem is quite related to our long, lovely locks and how they shape our faces and accentuate our features. Same was the case for our poster girl for Novu Hair Abby Assistio who suffered the brunt of bullying and quite condescening tones and looks of her peers due to her condition.


Diagnosed with alopecia areata since the age of four, an autoimmune condition characterized by the loss of hair due to damaged hair follicles, Abby had to contend and overcome various physical, emotional and psychological obstacles.  Having exhausted almost all possible treatments to no avail, Abby finally came to terms with her condition and even rose above it.

With much grace and courage, she went public with her condition in 2012 and shaved her head.  Her message was loud and clear: It’s fine to be bald and beautiful.  Her message was received with loud cheers of praise and her life has never been the same since that fateful day.


Today, Abby proudly shows off her head with its short hair, like a child showing off a prized toy.  “It has consistently been growing longer these past two years.  My hair is significantly thicker now and I could already style it in different ways, even without having to wear wigs, turbans, and other hair accessories,” she shares with an obvious gleam of joy in her eyes. Abby quickly reveals her secret: Novuhair, nature’s answer to hair loss.

Novuhair Watson's award

Following her brave public outing in 2012, Nutramedica reached out to Abby to try Novuhair.   She eventually started and relented using Novuhair in March 2013.  After six months, Abby was pleasantly surprised to notice fine strands of baby hair growing in previously bald areas.  “It was very exciting!  It encouraged me to be more persistent in using it,” Abby recalls.

Since that day, Abby has been a loyal Novuhair user and swears by it.  “I use the scalp lotion, shampoo, and conditioner religiously,” Abby continues.

It seems like a miracle, those delicate black strands of hair growing from her scalp and for Abby, the sensations are almost all new to her.  “I never thought I could have a full head of hair again.  I could actually “take care of my hair” now and even go to the salon to get a trim,” she says enthusiastically.  “I love having hair again,” she further acclaims.

Having alopecia is a huge part of Abby’s life journey and after successfully recovering from it, she has made it her mission to help others afflicted with the same condition.  She started by putting up the first support group in the country – Alopecia Philippines, which aims to spread awareness about the condition and at the same time, inspire and motivate those with alopecia to become more secure and comfortable in their own skin.

As of now, the group’s online Alopecia Philippines Facebook group counts around 300 members from all over the country.  There are those who are afflicted with alopecia themselves and some are their family members or loved ones.  “People share stories there, share experiences, post inquiries as well as words of encouragement to help those in the group,” Abby states.

The group has already lined up a number of activities and campaigns for the year, especially during Alopecia Awareness Month come September, including a planned Alopecia Weekend Boot Camp and awareness concert.   They also hope to formalize the organization before the year ends to do more for those with alopecia in the country.

“Everything happens for a reason.  In the end, we can choose to rise above the disease and come out better, stronger, more courageous, and more beautiful.  Our hair may come and go but it is who we are, what is inside that truly matters and lasts,” Abby says with a smile, the beautiful woman who has bravely  battled alopecia and came out of it gloriously victorious with the aid of Novuhair. Abby thanks Novuhair, “I now have a full head of hair and feel more confident than ever before.”


Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion is available as an individual purchase; as part of a combo pack that includes Novuhair Herbal Shampoo and Topical Scalp Lotion; or a 3-in-1 pack with Novuhair Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner and Topical Scalp Lotion; and a 2-in-1 plus one with two Novuhair Shampoos plus Topical Scalp Lotion, all in 200 ml bottles.  Available in all Mercury Drug outlets, Watsons branches, Lazada online, and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575 and visit Like us on Facebook: Novuhair Official and follow us on Twitter:@NovuhairNatural.

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