Just Roll It! The New Online Board Craze!

Just roll it, Game Club Philippines first take on online board games has taken board games to a whole new level. If you are familiar with the classic monopoly game, this free to play online board game shares the same concept but with a twist. As an avid offline and online gamer, I find this game highly addictive especially when you have loads of time to burn. Suitable for ages 7 and above, as long as they can read and write.

This is not your typical web browser game but instead you need to go to http://justrollit.ph  to download the game client as well as create your in game profile before your able to play the game. Downloading the game will take a while, so be sure to have a reading material nearby.


Once everything is setup, you will be greeted by the username and password screen. Just enter your username and password.


The in game lobby will feature currently available games as well as character build and online players information.


My info tab on the lobby will bring you to your status page wherein you are able to customize ability of your character card by using in game credits to purchase.




Once a game is created you have the option to use an earth board or a space board whichever you prefer.

When the game loads you will see the typical monopoly board which consist of various tiles on the board which corresponds to a particular place on earth or on outer space as well as your character token and dice.


Players take turns in rolling the dice to move their corresponding token to a specific space on the board. Mini games are also integrated into board to make things a little more interesting and exciting as well.


If the landed tile is not owned, you will be given the option to buy the land.


game ends when only you are the last man standing and everybody gets bankrupt or time runs out and the player with the largest bank account is considered the winner.

A game worth giving a look at especially if your the type who wants a game that is highly competitive and very entertaining at the same time. This is great online game which the whole family will surely enjoy.

A word of caution, this game is highly addictive and might consume a lot of your time.

Watch this video to know more about Just Roll It!

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