Press Release: Soleus Run for the Aspins this October

Dogs are acquired for various reasons.  While some are trained to become professional security dogs, most families acquire them with one purpose in mind: as guard dogs to protoect our homes and watch over us.


Their purpose is to secure properties and serve as deterrent for residential burglary, nothing more and nothing less.


On the other hand, there are individuals and families who are so devoted, passionate and kind hearted with the purpose of owning a dogs not only as a pets but as a members of the family and beloved companions. I know a few who even treat their pets as no different than their family 🙂  They are showered with so much love, affection and lavished with material treats that sometimes would even cost a fortune.

Run For The Aspins Dog Bandana


However, there is also this one sad reality that is very evident in our society; the increasing number of incidents involving DOG CRUELTY and ABUSE. These incidents not only happen on the streets, they also happen at home. Most of the victims are dogs of local and mixed breeds or what is now termed as ASPINS or Asong Pinoy and they are treated as low class breeds.


Loving a dog does not require money but rather a kind and compassionate heart. A dog is a loyal companion and the person who owns him is his whole life.  That is why they are called a “man’s best friend”. Sometimes I wish guys are like dogs/ penguins  that they may be loyal to their mate for the rest of their lives.

The Soleus Run for the Aspins aims to raise funds to help PART in sustaining a decent living condition for all the dogs under their care and give them a second chance to life.

But the main thrust of this race is to spread the vision of PART and that is to effect change in society by raising awareness about dog cruelty and abuse, promote responsible pet ownership and spread compassion for animals.

2k_race map

15k_race map

10k_race map

From simple animal neglect to extreme cases such as illegal dog fight gambling and dog meat consumption, we strongly believe that this is a battle worth fighting for.

Soleus Run for the Aspins welcomes not only foreign-bred dog, but as well as the local or mixed-breeds, offering distances for both solo runners and dog with their handler (owner or trainor).

Run For The Aspins Finisher Medals

For the dog lovers without a companion dog, there will be 10K and 15K categories for them, while the human-and-dog tandem participants may stroll through the route of the 2K Dog Walker or chaperone their cuddly companion at the 600-m Dog Parade category.

A race village will conglomerate sponsors who will provide display and samples of their merchandise for both pet owners and dogs. Also as part of the event’s special activities, you may have a lasting memorabilia of your dog from the magic hands of Mr. Jun Aquino of the Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas (SKP) for a small donation that will also be added for the beneficiaries’ funds.

Registration may be done online via or thru BPI bank deposit (Acct name: Rundezvous Inc., CA Acct number: 2431-0082-14).

This race hopes to embroider a deep awareness for everyone, to become involved, responsible, and be “an Architect of change… one rescue at a time.”

“Our race does not define us, and their breed doesn’t define them.” – Philippine Animal Rescue Team

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