Avoid the Hassle in your LOA’s with Philcare’s NFC Cards! :)

Having worked in the Hospital and Medical Industry for almost 4 years being a nurse before, Assisting in various aesthetic procedures in one Skin Center and also having spent almost 3 1/2 years working in the premises of  one of the most prestigious hospitals in our country the escalating concern on the long waiting lines for the approval of the patient’s LOA’s is not such a strange concern to me especially when it comes to their HMO Providers since they still have to countercheck the benefits of the patient and the coverage of the their insurance. Good thing PhilCare came up with this new innovation to avoid the long queues and waiting time of the patients to get their LOA’s approval 🙂 Hello NFC Cards! 🙂 Here’s a quick backgrounder on this awesome innovation brought to you by none other than PhilCare:)


NFC, the radio frequency technology considered by experts worldwide as “the next best thing” in mobile transaction, continues its integration in the Philippines – this time providing much needed upgrade in the way healthcare is delivered to thousands of Filipinos.

This after leading health care provider PhilCare came up and put in operation NFC-capable membership cards designed to make availment of health services from hospitals faster, more efficient, and close to paperless. (Such a great way to save on paper and help the environment as well! 🙂 )

Philcare  is the first health care provider in the Philippines to adopt and actually put into use cards with near field communication NFC technologies. (Great innovation I must say! )

“We are proud to introduce this new technology to the HMO industry. We’ve been looking for the best technology to make medical services smoother and more convenient for our clients and providers and NFC seems to be the perfect fit for this goal,” said Noemi G. Azura, PhilCare’s President and CEO.

PhilCare Executives as they unveil their new innovation :)
PhilCare Executives as they unveil their new innovation 🙂

The NFC-capable card means to do away with the usual tedious process of availing health services from health maintenance organizations (HMO). With a single tap, hospitals and clinics can now determine coverage and benefits of a member, as well as other details of the member’s account. (This was even demonstrated to us on the spot!) 

Basic consultations and procedures will also be processed faster with just a single tap, since it will no longer require long waiting times just to confirm coverage.  Thanks to this new innovation, members only need to hand over their NFC-enabled health cards to any of the 200 service providers of PhilCare with NFC-capable phones from Samsung.

Making this transaction possible is NFC, a form of wireless, radio-wave technology that allows two objects – a reader device and a storage device – to send and receive information via brief contact.

Me and P holding their new NFC Cards
Me and P holding their new NFC Cards

The NFC technology is used by banks, retail, transport, and service providers worldwide and has been deployed to accommodate wireless payments.

This new technology is the first of its kind in the Philippine health care industry and allows patient information to be updated in real-time, ensuring quick, efficient, and accurate service. (Yey! Less waiting time!)

The launch of its new membership cards is only one of the many innovations PhilCare has set up to affirm its position as a pioneer in the health care industry.

In 2013, PhilCare launched its mobile application GO! Mobile, becoming the first HMO provider to bring the service to its members.

PhilCare’s Go! Mobile app is designed as a quick reference guide for members on their coverage and benefits while also giving access to complete lists of PhilCare-affiliated hospitals, clinics, and doctors.

Just last year, the mobile app introduced various updates in addition to being made compatible with iOS devices alongside Android devices. With GO! Mobile, PhilCare members no longer need to call any hotline for provider information since it is made available right at their fingertips.

In addition to its mobile app, PhilCare also recently launched its eCommerce website, becoming the first HMO provider to offer online purchases for its health care packages. (They are really keen on providing excellent customer service for their clients, making sure that their convenience is their top most priority)

Us with their Top Ranking Executives who gamely posed with us as we all donned our masks that night for the grand unveiling of the NFC Card :)
Us with their Top Ranking Executives who gamely posed with us as we all donned our masks that night for the grand unveiling of the NFC Card 🙂

About PhilCare: Established in 1982, PhilCare is one of the country’s pioneering Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) companies. The company is built on a vision to allow Filipinos enjoy a better quality of life by providing them access to world-class health services. Three decades after it was founded, PhilCare remains a pioneer and a recognized leader in Philippine HMO. Today, PhilCare sets the pace for the industry not only with the reliable in-patient and out-patient health care it provides, but also with the total wellness and healthy living it actively promotes.

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