My Relaxing Kundalini Yoga Experience with Rosan Cruz at Discovery Primea Makati

Many of us feel stressed with all the things that we do on a daily basis. Especially for those Mom’s who work and tend to the household at the same time ensuring everything is smooth flowing and that all needs of their family are taken care of.

In my case my planner is bustling with activities every single day 🙂 Good thing events like Yoga happen once in a while and I was fortunate to be included in their guest list for the event last Saturday which all transpired at the posh and spacious gym of the Discovery Primea Hotel.

Definitely a relaxing respite from our busy schedules

For those not familiar with Kundalini Yoga, the primary objective of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual, recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self. Sounds interesting right? It definitely was! 🙂 It made me relax and connect with nature it was like I was being transported to another place without all the humdrum and the bustling noise in the metropolis.

Bloggers, Mothers and Yoga Enthusiasts alike during the session
Bloggers, Mothers and Yoga Enthusiasts alike during the session

Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Rosan Cruz check out her site here. Led all the participants to release stress, tension, and negative energy through a series of dynamic Kundalini Yoga poses also known as kriyas.

For those interested to join in on her classes. She holds classes every Monday at Romulo Peace Center in Makati:

Mondays from 6:30-8:0OPM
Rosan Kundalini Yoga at Romulo Peace Center,
Century Plaza, 120 Perrea St., Makati.

Contact: (0918) 888-9198

Our teacher Ms. Rosan who effecitvely guided us and coached us throughout the whole session
Our teacher Ms. Rosan who effecitvely guided us and coached us throughout the whole session

The movements not only released physical tension but encouraged mindfulness and positivity that allowed participants to radiate love and beauty after the revitalizing session.  No previous experience in yoga is required to achieve results from the very first class, and it is suitable for students of all levels. (Definitely a must try!!)


The yoga practice was followed by excellent and equally beautiful spread of afternoon snacks by Discovery Primea, one of the prime & luxury event venues to date in Makati. The Beef and Mushroom Pie, Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel, Prosciutto and Brie Croissant, and Grilled Balsamic Marinated Vegetable Focaccia Sandwich and the hotel’s luxe ambiance made everyone felt like royalty.


Such a delicious treat!
Such a delicious treat!
Definitely a great way to end yoga by indulging into a sumptuous feast!

I especially loved their Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel wherein you can really taste every flavor of the cream cheese as it wonderfully compliments the taste of the salmon.

We were all smiles after the session :)
We were all smiles after the session 🙂

Everyone can benefit from the practice, radiate love, peace, and beauty, and attract only the best that life has to offer. If you do this consistently you can feel the energy flowing through you and your aura will gradually lighten up as you radiantly light up with positive energy.

For more information on Kundalini Yoga in the Philippines, I recommend following our teacher’s Instagram account @RosanCruz. Namaste!

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