Get Fit, Fab and Say Good bye to those Flabs in just 4 Minutes! :)

With all the things we have to do on a daily basis. Can you really be healthy and fit by investing just four minutes of your day in exercise? Is it even possible? You may ask.

The answer of course is a big astounding YES! 🙂 Nothing is impossible if you really want to right? FWD Life is showing Filipinos how they can be healthier and fitter pursue their passions and live the life they dream of. Check out this video below to see how you can go about with being fit in just 4 minutes! 🙂

To encourage more Filipinos to start living a healthy lifestyle, FWD Life recently launched a health and wellness movement aptly called Live to Move—premised on the idea that attaining better health is key in living life to the fullest.

At the heart of the campaign is the FWD Motion, a specially designed four-minute metabolic fitness (MetaFit) workout which has a health benefit equivalent of up to one-hour exercise.

Its four primary steps – jump, squat, push up, and lunge – will encourage Filipinos to get into their exercise gear and start moving. Short, simple, and effective, the four primary steps easily encourage people to work out regardless if they are novice, intermediate or advanced fitness enthusiasts. This is just the right workout for beginners like me! 🙂 One of my goals this year is to lose all those extra pounds gained by me eating and making all those food reviews. Not that I regret eating maybe I regret not balancing it out with fitness. That’s why from now on I promise to never again neglect fitness as a part of my life.

We got to experience all these and more yesterday at the confines of the BGC Grounds wherein Fitness Enthusiasts, Wellness Advocates and Bloggers like me all tried our hands at the various sweat inducing and adrenaline boosting exercises. 🙂 P was very supportive and also joined me in this fitness event. Thanks Hon! 🙂

Before the event selfie since I wasn't able to snap a lot of photos due to the sweat inducing stunts that we had to do
Before the event selfie since I wasn’t able to snap a lot of photos due to the sweat inducing stunts that we had to do

We got to experience the four primary steps of FWD which can be integrated into daily activities and can be done anywhere, reducing the need to go to the gym or attend a workout class. This will not only save me money but time as well! 🙂 Yehey! 🙂

P dancing during the Zumba Session
P dancing during the Zumba Session
People all gathered around the various booths which had a ton of activities in store for us like Boxing, Hip Hop Dance, Zumba, Martial Arts wherein we were tasked to kick in the air and do some punches, Burpees and Push Ups
People all gathered around the various booths which had a ton of activities in store for us like Boxing, Hip Hop Dance, Zumba, Martial Arts wherein we were tasked to kick in the air and do some punches, Burpees and Push Ups
Their other activities :)
Their other activities 🙂
Me doing pull ups and push ups in their bars :)
Me doing pull ups and push ups in their bars 🙂

Having been developed by celebrity fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret (“The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Season 2,” “Fit Filipino Movement”), who are also the campaign collaborators, it is scientifically-proven to make an individual lose as much as 600 calories, depending on the intensity of execution and number of repetitions. I think we just lost 2,000 calories yesterday due to the intensity of all those stunts we were just subjected to. Haha! 🙂 What a FEAT! 🙂

The event yesterday was spearheaded by the prestigious and super nice celebrity coaches: Coaches Jim and Toni Saret. They also happen to be healthy lifestyle ambassadors of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA), the official advocacy partner of Live To Move. FWD Life supports PHA’s 52100 advocacy, a simple guide to remind people of the essentials of good health, with each number representing a daily target: five (5) servings of fruits and vegetables, two (2) hours maximum recreational screen time, one (1) hour of moderate activity, zero (0) sugared drinks, and zero (0) smoking/secondhand smoke.

“This partnership enables PHA to further promote public awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are also grateful that through Live To Move, FWD is able to support our 52100 advocacy which encourages Filipinos to adopt simple heart-friendly daily habits,” said Dr. Alex Junia, Philippine Heart Association President.

The campaign started with the FWD Motion online video challenge wherein participants post their workout videos featuring their passions and their variations to the four primary steps. It continues with the Live To Move Tour, a series of health and wellness-themed pocket events around Metro Manila which includes group activities called Move to the Beat (Hip Hop), Move to the Groove (Zumba), Move to Fight (boxing and cardio), and Move to the FWD Motion (MetaFit). It will culminate on October 24 with the Live To Move Grand Festival where participants will enjoy exciting activities and rewards in surrounding booths for free medical consultation, cooking sessions, group workouts, and a free-for-all wellness concert.

Campaign participants are entitled to raffle entries which give them the chance to win exciting lifestyle gadgets during the tour and the grand festival.

“We have established Live To Move as a platform and the FWD Motion as a key workout routine to encourage Filipinos to start living a healthy lifestyle so they can pursue their passions. We are committed to lead the cause for Filipinos’ health and wellness in the life insurance industry, since we strongly believe in the benefits of living a healthy and more active life,” said FWD Life President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Grimes.

For more information about Live To Move campaign, visit FWD Life Philippines on Facebook. You can also visit its microsite, to upload your FWD Motion videos until October 23. You can also catch upcoming Live To Move tour stops in Bonifacio Global City on October 10 and Alabang Town Center on October 17.

See you guys there! 🙂

About FWD Life Insurance Corporation Philippines

Arriving in the Philippines in early 2014, FWD is the insurance arm of Pacific Century Group, an investment group established in 1993 with interests in financial services, telecommunications, real estate, and other investments in Asia. FWD is the first in nearly a decade to be granted a life insurance license by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines. FWD launched its commercial operations in September 2014.

FWD Group spans Hong Kong & Macau, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, offering life and medical insurance, employee benefits, and general insurance across a number of its markets. Check out their video below 🙂

For more information, please visit Their Website here.

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