With all the traffic nowadays sometimes I wish I had a scooter or maybe a super powered motorcycle wherein I can fly off the road and get to my point of destination in a jiffy without all the fuss and hassle that the everyday traffic along the confines of Edsa brings to me. (Oh a dream is a wish your heart makes) Me singing again that song from one of the classics that I loved! 🙂

Good thing, there is this new innovation from Honda! 🙂 I once had a joke to my friend about Honda.

Brace yourselves, it’s about to get corny! 🙂

L: Use Honda in a song?

Friend: ?

L: Honda-ro-rot-rot-rot Happy birthday to you (Sings this 2x)

Okay fine, that was so corny right? hahah! 🙂 But hey it caught my friend’s attention for a minute there !:) So let me continue on this post with something new and cool from Honda! 🙂 Here’s a quick video to showcase their new line 🙂

In its official public launch in this year’s Inside Racing Grand Prix (IRGP) event held at Carmona Racing Circuit, Mr. Daiki Mihara, Honda Philippines, Inc. President and Mr. Noriaki Abe of Asian Honda, Chief Operating Officer of Asia & Oceana Region of Honda Motor Japan, announces Honda’s commitment in delivering the most exciting Honda product for the New Generation.

Their top executives talking about this new innovation :)
Their top executives talking about this new innovation 🙂

This time, not only that Honda has introduced in the Philippines Honda Smart Engines for Scooter or Automatic models but now our New Generation of Filipino Sports Motorcycle Enthusiast can enjoy the All New Honda RS150 with Powerful Sports Engine. This is just the beginning of another Gen-S story to come hinted by the two top Honda executives.

The All New RS150 is an answer to young generation customers who are looking for freedom of high performance on sporty and sharply designed bike with class leading technology, specifications, and features explained by Mr. Elie Salamangkit Jr., Honda Product Planning Manager.

To ensure the best handling possible, Honda’s Philosophy in developing sports motorcycle was applied wherein “Rider can control engine power in any circumstances… exactly when needed and as much as needed” or “Control at Riders’ Will”.


Design, Frame and Engine synergy is what made this newest Honda motorcycle special. The bike design reflects aggressive new generation styling with sharp looking body and boasts attractive features from latest Super sports. Giving pride to the rider is its sharp wedge shape and innovative and edgy surface treatment not to mention its class leading features of LED Headlight, Fully Integrated Digital Meter Panel, Rear and Big Diameter Front Disc Brakes, Aluminum Cast Wheel, Clamped handle bar, Tubeless tires, and Rear Monoshock absorber among others.

Such a sleek ride right? :) This will surely get you zooming past all those cars during those rush hours
Such a sleek ride right? 🙂 This will surely get you zooming past all those cars during those rush hours


The frame which holds the motorcycle was designed with high agility and safety in mind. The frame and chassis delivers agile and responsive control, very suitable for city streets made possible by its agile 45 degrees steering handle, compact dimension wheelbase of 1275mm plus the application of new strong twin-tube type sports frame which is designed to be safe at high speed and quick acceleration.

The engine performance has the best acceleration in its class, but still fuel efficient by application of wide variety of friction reduction technologies producing maximum power of 11.8KW (16.0 PS) at 9,000 rpm. The new generation engine especially designed for Southeast Asia including the Philippines has the following characteristics:

  • Flexible output characteristics that enable fun riding in a wide range of riding situations
  • Improved fuel efficiency performance
  • Remarkable level of comfort enabling the rider to experience a high-grade feel
  • Exterior design with functional beauty that evokes the sophisticated mechanism

Try it to find out! 🙂

Finally, the all new RS150 is environment friendly with its Euro-3 compliant emission and safety is still Honda’s top most priority with the installation of Bank Angle sensor that increases rider’s safety by automatic engine turn-off during accidental crash or fall.

The IRGP crowd was further treated by actual show-off run of All New RS150 in the race track with its three exciting colors, Black, Winning Red and Space Magenta Metallic as special color which will all be available in Honda Shops nationwide.

Looks Exciting right? Find out more about Gen-S stories, visit their website at or visit or contact the local dealer nearest you!

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