Affordable Meals at Yumchee BGC Stopover

Another new food discovery comes to me in the form of a Chinese Joint nestled in between the confines of the very inviting BGC Stopover.

Yesterday, Richie from The Pickiest Eater invited me to another awesome food tasting event however since I was attending mass during that time I asked if I can make “habol” after mass to catch up on the event and he said it was okay. So even though I was late I decided to book myself a ride in Grabcar and make my way to BGC.

Their Menu which was printed on paper and contains their very affordable Menu

Yumchee, a Chinese restaurant located on the ground floor of Bonifacio Stopover Pavilion was definitely a treat for the pocket offering enticing Chinese dishes which are very budget friendly and tasty as well. The menu includes set meals, congee, dimsum and noodle soup.

However since I still came from mass I had to do with some of the dishes that were not yet finished and that Richie was kind enough to save for me. Hehe. I also met his very beautiful wife Rina from Rina’s Rainbow and I must say she’s really pretty in person 🙂 I was such a fan immediately of this lovely couple 🙂


I definitely enjoyed the Shrimp Beancurd.  It’s was a silky, sweet and savory appetizer all for the low price of PhP 85 only! Can you believe that? Perfect for all those working class people like me since a lot of the restos along the Fort usually offer quite pricey meals so imagine my delight when I found out how much all of these meals cost! 🙂


I also had their Beef Brisket, Seasonal Vegetables and for my drink I had their Milk Tea with Pearls 🙂

The Beef pepper really has a distinct pepper taste and the meat is tender to chew and masticate on. The soup was served hot and was flavorful to my taste. 🙂 Their drink/ cooler which was a Milk Tea with Pearls were okay and was served quickly to me upon ordering 🙂



Here are also some of their house specials that I tried 🙂

Stir Fried Noodles and Soup
Seasonal Vegetables

Definitely this restaurant offers you great value for you money.  For such an affordable price, you get tasty and flavorful meals 🙂 Plus the owners were really amicable and entertaining to us 🙂 Service was also fast to come by and they were really attentive to my needs during my lunch there 🙂

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