Healthy Skin Magazine dishes Lifestyle Hacks at Stacy’s BGC

Sugar, Spice and Everything nice. Those are the ingredients which makes the Powerpuff Girls (Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup) My favorite super heroes to watch when I was a kid in Cartoon Network. 

Stacy’s  restaurant reminds me perfectly of those cute girls! Since the place is full of sweet treats (sugar), has a little (spice) or a twist to it due to it’s sumptuous and enticing dishes and it’s all made up of everything nice! 🙂

Such a cute invite for the event! 🙂 This was the invite sent to me in my email regarding the event 🙂 Who can say no to this? 🙂

It is located in Fobestown, Bonifacio Global City—beside Distillery and a just walking distance from Burgos Circle and Mind Museum.

Beauty Blogggers and Lifestyle Writers all gathered all last Saturday to listen to various lifestyle hacks and skin care tips doled out by our expert doctors from well renowned institutions like St. Lukes GC and QC 🙂

Dr. Claudia Samonte
Dr. Claudia Samonte (One of the consultants in SLMC Dermatology) dishes out skin care hacks and tips you can use to make your skin flawlessly glowing and blemish free 🙂

They discussed their Magazine 🙂 Healthy Skin the FIRST beauty magazine in the Philippines that highlights the non-invasive in-clinic and over-the-counter beauty products and trends, aside from those, It also divulge on the newest trends on wellness, health and slimming treatments. They even demonstrated a “free facial treatment” wherein the effects were immediately noticeable! 🙂 So awesome! 🙂 I should try this! 🙂 

Their Magazine Issue this month 🙂

As women we all get conscious on how we look,and due to that we read up on various magazines and scan websites where we can find the most credible information on the latest beauty, wellness and health and slimming trends available—something that Healthy Skin Magazine has answered with conviction.

Some of their cute table toppers and cupcakes 🙂
An afternoon of sweets, treats and everything nice! 🙂
Definitely a delightful afternoon! 🙂

Most of their target market are the “young ones” like us hehe ages 18-35 who are mostly conscious of making the most out of life and living it to the fullest. 🙂

It was very refreshing and enlightening to read and pore over since their articles are very interesting and offers us honest to goodness opinions on various matters concerning skin care and beauty 🙂

Check them out at Healthy Skin. 🙂 Happy Reading 🙂



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