EMC Announces Major Data Lake Advancements: New Isilon Offerings Span Edge, Core and Cloud

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) announced the next generation of its EMC® Isilon® Scale-out NAS Data Lake, which includes new products, features and capabilities that allow enterprises to scale easily to edge locations as well as to public clouds.

The new products, — IsilonSD Edge, the next generation of Isilon OneFS® and Isilon CloudPoolsTM — enhance the Data Lake by allowing unstructured data to be available not only within the core data center, but also at data center edge locations such as remote offices and archived in the cloud.

Designed to offer a more efficient Data Lake, the new Isilon solutions consolidate multiple workloads and allow users to access and analyze data from all locations.


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Unwind and Relax with Good Food and Good Music at SOMA Bistro in Green Sun Hotel

I missed blogging bigtime! 🙂 Since I was super busy these past 2 weeks. I committed myself attend an event just once a week or once in two weeks since I also need time to buy gifts, wrap them all, deliver them to my friends and of course read up on those books on my to read list and also catch up on my much needed zzzz’s and so that I do not get stuck with so much blog backlog 🙂

Anyway, just last week I was invited over to have some drinks and listen to some good music over dinner at SOMA Bistro Cafe in Green Sun Hotel. Since the time was after work which was around 7pm I decided to give it a go especially since I personally know the PR behind this 🙂 

Time to unwind, chill and listen to great music while consuming good quality food and having deep and quality conversations 🙂

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Great Make Up Finds from Swan Dance International Trading :)

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to grace the Product Launch of one of the most prestigious line of cosmetics and makeup here in the country with a couple of my beauty blogger friends.

Swan Dance
Here’s my invite which was sent to me via email 🙂 I wasn’t really familiar with the Hotel but good thing the Grab Driver knew his way around the area and I was able to get to the venue right on time 🙂

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Lose those Love Handles with Redoxin :)

It’s the season to be jolly once again and aside from all those parties, gift giving and reunion with friends this is the season to indulge once again in one of my favorite things to do: Eat Out of course! 🙂

How can you resist these sweets? 🙂
Or this sumptuous feast 🙂

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Heads up! Gary V on Novuhair: Putting energy into Prevention

​Nothing describes Gary Valenciano quite like his moniker “Mr. Pure Energy,” He is the very image of youthful vibrance, whether onstage or not. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he values the way he looks the same way that he values the core of who he is: a prayerful, faithful husband, dependable father.

Gary V for Novuhair
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Happy Beautiful 1st Birthday Calyxta! :)

Last night was definitely the party to be in, well for us ladies who revel in pampering treatments, beauty sales of our favorite makeup brands and chilling out with your friends by the pool side while enjoying upbeat tunes brought about by very talented DJ’s 🙂

Some of their products for sale to keep your tresses in style 🙂

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My Long Weekend Staycation at Hotel Jen Manila

I wasn’t really keen on doing Hotel Reviews even though I have wanted to do so for quite some time now. Perhaps it’s because I was trying to get some inspiration in doing my hotel write ups, got stuck in my comfort zone of doing food reviews or maybe I just needed more exposure.

Nonetheless, this past weekend had been nothing short of amazing as we got the rare chance to stay in the former Trader’s Hotel Manila which was rebranded and named Hotel Jen to cater to the younger generation (Cough, Cough) namely “The Milennials”. 

Me posing alongside one of their lobby displays 🙂 A big letter J signifying their name “JEN”

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Debunking the Myths about Teaching Online: What You Need to Know

With the persistent traffic nowadays, not only do you waste energy, gas, money but also you are losing an “Opportunity”. I learned about the value of “Opportunity Cost” in one of my Graduate School classes. The resources you used going to your workplace can somehow be used in another way earning more money like working at home ONLINE!! 🙂 

Online teaching has become one of the most popular careers that many people are pursuing nowadays.

Debunking Myths about Online Teaching_Teacher Moyee
Debunking Myths concerning Online Teaching

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MAPFRE Insular’s ‘MAiassist’ Mobile App Revolutionizes Roadside Assistance

Traffic is such a conundrum to car drivers who are always on the go like me. Add to it the hassle of encountering / being involved in accidents on the road (Knock on wood) or what if suddenly your engine would not start anymore due to the lack of gas since due to being stuck for almost 4 hours in the hellish traffic my car ran out of gas and it got towed..

This personally happened to me a few months back so I can testify to the great inconvenience it has brought on me and also to the other drivers as well. 🙂 Good thing! I called up P and inquired on the numbers to call so aid was quick to come by. 

MAiassist APP 2

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