Unwind and Relax with Good Food and Good Music at SOMA Bistro in Green Sun Hotel

I missed blogging bigtime! 🙂 Since I was super busy these past 2 weeks. I committed myself attend an event just once a week or once in two weeks since I also need time to buy gifts, wrap them all, deliver them to my friends and of course read up on those books on my to read list and also catch up on my much needed zzzz’s and so that I do not get stuck with so much blog backlog 🙂

Anyway, just last week I was invited over to have some drinks and listen to some good music over dinner at SOMA Bistro Cafe in Green Sun Hotel. Since the time was after work which was around 7pm I decided to give it a go especially since I personally know the PR behind this 🙂 

Time to unwind, chill and listen to great music while consuming good quality food and having deep and quality conversations 🙂

I wasn’t really keen on this place since I have only been here once as a guest for a concert before and I did not drive during that time so I just wazed my way to Chino Roces and soon found my way to this hotel 🙂 

It wasn’t your typical Hotel studded with the brand name  from all sides and angles. In fact I did not even know that it was a hotel in the first place not until they gave us a tour around the venue. I only knew it to be an events place and venue where you can chill, hang out, unleash your creative juices and have dinner while listening to great tunes being belted out by the live band. 🙂

Me and Jen of http://www.jennyroxas.com

They first gave us a brief backgrounder of the place and then escorted us to the restaurant/ bar for us to place our orders while listening to the live band playing. 🙂

How their Menu List looks like
One of their house specialties their Grilled Liempo doused vinegar and soy sauce and comes with atchara too.
The other bloggers had this as their order I presume it was a hamburger with cheese, fries and onion rings 🙂

The food was okay especially the Grilled Liempo 🙂 since the condiments made up of vinegar and soy sauce perfectly complimented the taste of the pork. 

It was only during the course of our dinner conversation that I knew that GREEN SUN was actually a contemporary culture and art center built for the discovery and promotion of emerging local creative talents. Hence, the architecture and design of the place.

They have various new designs sourced from local designers who want to display their creations here
Green Sun2
Can you tell it is a hotel at first glance?
Green Sun
Various concerts, parties and product launches are also held at their event space which features their 360 Projector replete with lights and sounds

Inside their sprawling 20, 000 square meter property you can find an arts gallery for visual and digital arts exhibits; a unique fashion retail store for shoppers; a bistro and cafe for foodies; arts and events spaces featuring curated events and shows; and a cozy hotel for those who want to stay the night and wake up to art.

I loved this part the most since their rooms were very spacious and comes with a different art work in every room. Their beds are also made of Memory Foam which can guarantee you a good night’s sleep
Their Hotel Rooms

Also curated programs are held in modern, inviting spaces and feature the works and performances of young, educated artists across different cultural and artistic genres.

Their mission and advocacy is really to support local upcoming talents of the Metro and they want this place to serve as a venue wherein great minds and ideas come together and to serve as a breeding ground for young talents alike. 

Visit their site here to know more about their up and coming events and other product offerings 🙂


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