Magic Potions Beauoxiwhite Soap and Capsules Review :)

With the advent of E- Commerce and Online Marketing. Convenience is the new in and everything can be purchased at the tip of your fingers without you having the hassle of lining up in the long queues or going out of the house and being hassled with all the traffic congesting our streets.

Since we’re talking about online shopping, on that note one shop that’s been 11 years in the business offers a wide array of beauty and health enhancing products from head to toe! Have you heard of Magic Potions? Yes? No? Maybe so? Would be some of your answers. But I guarantee you that their reviews and positive feedback from their clients really do hold water to their claims. So without further ado, here’s my personal experience with some of their products 🙂

Their top of the line Glutathione Pills and Whitening and Anti- Aging/ Moisturizing Soap

I first got acquainted with the name of this Online Shop since some of the celebrities I follow on Instagram like Mich Liggayu of the popular YouTube tandem called “Jamich” used to endorse this brand before so I got curious and always wanted to try out this brand of new whitening arsenals and see for myself how effective this is. 

Good thing since I started blogging some Influential brands seemed to take notice of my blog and offered me samples of their products in return for a write up after I try out their product. 🙂

Their President Mr. Moe chatted with me one time and offered me and ex-deal meaning they would send some of their best selling products for me to try out and in return I would do a personalized write up of my experience from their product. 🙂 

I first got to try out their IV Glutathione which to my surprise didn’t really hurt that much when it was injected to me since I used to be quite scared of needles and blood. Their nurse was very gentle and had a caring approach as she always asked me if I was okay or if it hurt.

This was the set which was offered to me during my first visit to their office located in Arnaiz Avenue Makati. It’s the same building at BPI Family Savings Bank fronting Greenbelt 1

Each box contains 5 vials of 1200mg Reduced Glutathione and 5 vials of 10ml water for injection. You have to dilute the powdered Glutathione in the water first and mix it well to avoid residues. This is administered via IV injection and would only take around 5-10 minutes of your time:)

It is advisable to administer the drug once or twice a week.
For skin whitening sessions, it should be every 3 days or twice a week and to administer via IV.
FOR FASTER RESULT: use double dose or 2 vials of glutathione and 1 ampule of Vit. C per session. It was also coupled with Vitamin C which soon followed after the administration of the Gluta.
This is to keep L-Glutathione in its absorbable or reduced form. This will release the potential of vitamin C’s derivatives’ whitening properties. That is why a person taking Vitamin C should take 2-3 times more doses of it than the dose of L-Glutathione.
Definitely, I am planning to buy another box and do it once a week since I am already fair by nature but I want to maintain my supple, smooth and fair skin so I will continue on using it.
Since I was quite pleased with my experience I decided to try their other products as well only this time to rest from all those needles I decided to just go with their soap, lotion and pills. 🙂
The lotion was very effective I must say since I usually bathe with a loofah to rid myself of all the dirt and grime from the daily commute.
 I noticed that despite it exfoliating my skin it seems as if my skin also got drier and drier losing it’s natural moisture. 😦 Good thing this lotion and soap does not rid my skin of it’s natural moisture but instead provides my skin with the moisture it needs as well as making my skin appear lighter and smoother. 🙂
The pills on the other hand were quite hard to swallow since it was too BIG! So I had to chop them into pieces so I can swallow them easily. 🙂
After a few weeks of using these products I noticed that my pores were getting smaller, I also felt more energetic despite me lacking decent sleep due to all the activities I have been up to as of late.
The smell also of the capsule is very strong/ pungent so its better if you swallow it quickly.
Overall, it was a good product to try but my favorite would still be the lotion and perhaps the IV Glutathione 🙂 Perhaps when I pass by Makati again I would purchase another box of their IV Glutathione since I noticed that my skin really did become lighter after a couple of weeks. 🙂
Me and my friend Dreena who also swears by the effects of Gluta 🙂
About Magic Potions:
Magic Potions has been in the business since 2004. 11 years as an online beauty shop that offers Wellness, Skin Care, Weight Loss products, etc. It is one of the pioneers in selling affordable Glutathione in the Philippine market and worldwide. Fast and discreet shipping worldwide. You can pay thru their website. Magic Potions also help other online sellers because they are available for distribution and reselling.
For more information please visit them at:
  1. Magic Potions Main Office, MAKATI

Unit 3 G/F Eight One Eight Bldg., 818 A. Arnaiz Avenue

(former Pasay Road) San Lorenzo, Makati City

(Beside BPI Family Bank & Kashmir Restaurant and across Prudential Life Bldg.)

9am – 6pm (Monday – Friday)


  1. Magic Potions St. Francis Square Mall, ORTIGAS

G/F St. Francis Square Mall

(Near LBC, Western Union and Mall entrance along Julia Vargas)

Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Metro Manila

Mall hours (Monday – Sunday)


  1. Magic Potions St. Thomas Square Mall, SAMPALOC

2/F St. Thomas Square

1150 España Blvd, cor. Padre Campa St., (Morayta)

Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

Mall hours (Monday – Sunday)


  1. Magic Potions Metropolis Starmall, ALABANG

2/F, Right Wing Metropolis Starmall Alabang, Muntinlupa City

(Near Netopia Internet Café and Beside Dodolon Amusement Center)

Mall hours (Monday – Sunday)


Check out also their website here and also their Instagram Account here.


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