Get that Glow from within with TATIO ACTIVE DX “White Magnified

Well all strive for that healthy looking glowing skin  in one way or another and since we are bombarded on a daily basis with images from commercials, billboards and print ads of fair young lads with glowing skin. The belief that to have that fair and glowing skin is beautiful is all the more strengthened and it successfully delivers its message across since a lot of our ladies and some gays purchase these whitening supplements and other beauty products in the malls or place their orders online.

Since I am already fair to begin with I took the Placenta Supplement to maintain my youthful skin and also to detoxify my liver 🙂

Last week, I was fortunate to have been invited to the product launch of this whitening and beauty brand called “TatioActive DX” at the posh grounds of the Luxent Hotel. Incidentally it was also the birthday of the baby girl of the owners of the brand whom to my surprise was Former Streetboy Dancer Danilo Barrios and his wife Regina Soqueno-Barrios.

I came from my meeting in Alabang that day and wasn’t able to make it during the start of the program. Good thing! 🙂 They started quite late , I was only around 10 minutes behind and I made up for it by listening intently to what the speaker was saying.

I wasn’t really keen on the brand since I am not really a fan of placing my orders online. Lame as that may sound I still prefer going to the mall or to the Department Store or retail outlets to see the product up close before deciding to purchase it. But it seems like from the looks of it I would be more inclined to order online especially with their Transdermal Patch which is really fun and easy to use! 🙂

I was given a sample pack as part of my token from this event and I immediately opened the package to find 2 strips with gel and a peel of transparent plastic covering 🙂 I then decided to experiment with it and placed it on my lower back so I would not be tempted to tinker with it. 🙂

The next day I removed again the 2 patches from my lower back since it is advisable that you use it before bedtime to maximize the absorption of the medication to your body and drinks lots of fluids too before dozing off to sleep 🙂 When I removed it off the next day it was like I didn’t even lack sleep at all my pores were slightly smaller and I didn’t feel groggy or sleepy at all perhaps that’s one of it’s side effects it gives you extra energy 🙂

Established in 2008, Tatio Pharma Corp., under the helm of Regina Soqueno-Barrios as CEO and her husband, Danilo Barrios (the former Streetboys) as President, was the first company to bring in the profile brand TATIO from Japan, a glutathione-based product for skin care, in the Philippines. Carrying a wide, most complete, revolutionary line of skin care products, the company since then, remains on good standing in terms of market response and patronage. A lot of her gay friends started using the products and the effects were very noticeable as evidenced by their Brand Ambassador Ms. Reign Monteclaro 🙂 
 What makes this brand different and stand out is that it comes in soft gel capsules. Yes you heard me right 🙂 Meaning no more rotten egg smell (Brought about by the Nitrogen) from all those hard to swallow large glutathione pills 🙂
A soft gel formulation has 5 times more absorption rate compared to the capsules or caplet. It takes up to 5 minutes for the soft gels to be absorbed by the body. It is almost as good as the injectable in terms of absorption. This is just perfect for those who want to avoid needles and the pain that comes with it 🙂
Each softgel is imprinted individually to safeguard its quality and authenticity. The manufacture and distribution of TATIO ACTIVE DXgoes through rigid study and research. To ensure safety and efficacy, TATIO ACTIVE DX is substantiated with Laboratory tests, Regulatory Compliancy, Medical Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Case Studies.
TATIO ACTIVE DX’s product line include Glutathione Gold 1800mg Softgel, Pearl Whitening with Sun Block 1800mg Softgel, Shape Slimming 1800mg Softgel, Collagen 1800mg Softgel, Human Placenta 1800mg Softgel, Glutathione Injectable, Gluta Spray, and Gluta Patch.
For more information, visit and like tatioactivedx on Facebook. You may also call their hotline at 0917.9361795.

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