Enjoy, Unwind and Relax at Urban Zen Wellness Center

My schedule is running like crazy these past few weeks so I have to slow down and unwind once in a while or else everything would go haywire and I would not be able to deliver on time with all my pressing demands. 😦 

Angel’s confirmation last night wherein we had a sumptuous dinner at their place and had the time of our lives playing charades and dancing to Gabby’s app online:)

Anyway, good thing that another great opportunity came to me last week 🙂 Thank you to Sir Eli from Elifestylemanila and also to Yumi Javier their very pretty Marketing Assistant who offered us such a sweet respite from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind in the Metropolis. 🙂

Let me first recount what happened last Sunday wherein we paid their Spa called Urban Zen Wellness in Paranaque a visit. Sir Eli invited me and my friend Reign from The Wander Reign to experience their relaxing services. 🙂

P and I was supposed to meet up that Sunday since another week is about to commence and we rarely see each other due to other commitments. 🙂 So anyway, we passed by Reign first at the Fort before going straight to the venue. Sir Eli already went there to the venue since he lives near the area.

Upon getting there we were immediately greeted by Yumi, their amicable Marketing Staff and then asked us as to what service we would like to avail.

This is how Urban Zen Wellness looks like at night from the outside 🙂


image2 (1)
The services offered at Urban Zen Wellness


As you can see they not only solely focus in giving relaxing massages for the tired body but also offers the complete pampering experience by offering other services like their eyelash perming and various facial treatments. 

For those who haven’t heard of Urban Zen Wellness, here’s a quick description of it. Urban Zen Wellness Center is a 100% Filipino brand that is owned and operated by LMLAlcasid Inc., and has been in operation since 2014. From the time when Urban Zen started its operation it has expanded its services from basic massage to Facial and body treatments, catering to clients need and demands.

Urban Zen Wellness Center aims to provide affordable and quality services that focus in helping their clients improve their holistic well-being. They don’t even have wifi which is a great thing since you really get to disconnect from Social Media and indulge in your pampering session. 🙂

We (Me and Reign) chose to have a 1 hour massage, a cleansing facial session and a mani- pedi session to cap off the night.

Sir Eli meanwhile opted to have a 2 hour massage and a mani- pedi session. Looked like he enjoyed the massage as we overheard him snoring soundly like a baby in the other room. P was also treated to a relaxing hand and foot massage and a mani-pedi session. 🙂 (Good thing he was able to relax as well)

They also served us hot teas afterwards the massage.

Me donning on their Urban Zen robe after my massage
Stolen shot of the boyf while he was having his toes cleaned
Me before my cleansing facial 🙂 Good thing no pricking was involved as they said I didn’t have any pimples and only needed basic cleaning 🙂
Me while being treated to their signature facial 🙂
Check out my newly painted nails 🙂

Overall, it was such a relaxing experience worth your every buck and penny since they have complete packages which will truly pamper and spoil you to bits. 🙂 It felt so good after the facial since I haven’t done that for such a long time. I felt as if all my impurities were rid off my face, the massage also addressed all my pressure points and the knots in my back. I also loved how they did their french tip on my nails 🙂 It not only gave my nails a classy and dainty look 🙂 Here’s the complete price list of their massage services. Feel free to check out their website for a list and the prices of their other services as well.

Head and Back Massage 30 min.                                                                                                                  180.00

Whole Body Massage (Combination)                      60 min.                                                   320.00

Whole Body Shiatsu Massage (Dry Massage)      60 min.                                                   380.00

Signature Whole Body Massage (Combination, Deep Tissue) 90 min.                         460.00

Whole Body Massage (Combination, Swedish, Thai)        120 min.                                 600.00

Whole Body Massage (Combination) with Ventosa          75 min.                                   400.00

Reflexology (Foot Massage and Pressure Points)  60 min.                                               320.00

They also have this new promo wherein you can tag along your girls/ officemates for a party while you girls all get dolled up and pampered 🙂 This is so perfect especially for those bridal showers, birthday parties or for those group of girls who just want to have a great time and unwind 🙂 



So what are you waiting for? Relax, Rejuvenate and Unwind at Urban Zen Wellness 🙂

GF Unit 2 MMM Bldgatan 3424 East Service Rd. UPS2 Subdivision
1700 Parañaque

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