Affordable Dorm Living made Easy for only 4,200 per month! :)

I have been driving for almost 5 years now and I must say that the traffic condition in Edsa or C5 has not made life easy for us regular drivers out there. It actually makes our daily drive to work sometimes a burden due to the long hours of productivity just wasted on the congested thoroughfares. That lost time which could not be brought back no matter how much we tried. I could have finished off a book, slept for a couple of hours or updated my blog backlogs but instead I was wasting gas just being stuck in traffic 😦 

Nifty Comfort Rooms right? 🙂

I have considered the possibility of actually renting out a condo unit for myself before however due to my limited salary from work added to that the cost of food, utilities, electricity and water plus laundry outweighs my desire to live closer to where I work.

However, since I transferred jobs and my office is now in the middle of the very congested EDSA I have been entertaining the thought once again of renting out a place for me to live closer to work and just go home on the weekends.

One of the deterrents which can make me not consider this option is the high costs of condo living plus the long term commitment that comes along with the lease of the place. However, when I was presented with this new place along the confines of Edsa I was actually surprised that it comes at a very affordable rate of only 4,200 per month! 🙂

Space EDSA is like a dorm, but with better facilities. You get a bed in a room you share with 4-8 beds and a small cabinet for your things.

On top off that you also get:

  • Fast and Free Internet Connection (Free Wifi)- I really need this a blogger since I need to be connected to my readers for most parts of my day.
  • Access to in-house GYM that is open 24/7- This would also come in handy for me since I have been looking for a nearby gym here wherein I can workout before going home. In that case I get a healthier and toned physique and I would also be able to pass traffic as well.
  • Common bathroom for females
  • Common bathroom for males
  • 24/7 Security / Reception (to accept food deliveries and such)

Space EDSA is conveniently  located at the 3rd Floor of 167 EDSA Mandaluyong, in between the Shaw and Boni MRT Stations, right beside VRP Medical Center. There is a Security Bank branch in the building, so you can’t miss it. The first two floors are also offices of Major Homes, the company behind Space. Plus there’s a 7-11 outlet near it so you don’t have to worry much about your food cravings during the night or your basic needs like shampoo or soap since they can easily be purchased here as well.

Spacer’s visitors can only stay up to the reception area only and are not allowed to go inside for security purposes. When I visited Space EDSA, I was really impressed with the modern design and interiors of the place. It was really built and inspired with the young, energetic and dynamic lifestyles of students and office workers.

This is their reception area wherein visitors are allowed to chill and wait for their friends or SO’s to come out of their dorm rooms 🙂
Check out their hallways which are painted in white and mint colors to give the impression of wide spaces and corridors 🙂

This dorm uses tap-key card just like in the hotels. It has a total area of 700 square meters with a total of 29 rooms all in all. Here are some of the photos of the place for you guys to see! 🙂 Check it out! 🙂

Their indoor gym 🙂 Worry no more about all those exorbitant gym membership charges since at the cost of only 4,200 you get your dorm room along with free use of their pantry, gym and study hall 🙂 Awesome bang for the buck right? 🙂
I could definitely benefit from these hehe

SPACE 4Check out their rooms! 🙂 You can customize the design of your bed and space according to your liking as long as you don’t do damage to the painted walls. Just a friendly reminder,  men and women are sorted separately on different wing. No boys allowed on girl’s rooms and vice versa. So you can share all your girly secrets within the 4 corners of your dorm room 🙂


Their comfort rooms which gets cleaned 4x a day 🙂 The design I must say is very hip and appealing especially to the millennial generation who want to move out of their parents place and have some semblance of independence 🙂

For more information on Space Edsa do check out their websiteinstagram account and their facebook pages.



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