Good Ah ups up the Ante with BBQ Delights and More..

Despite being inundated with things to do I still managed to indulge myself in finding happiness in the smallest of details and one of these was the new product offerings from Good Ah which I was fortunate to taste last week in the confines of Metrowalk in Ortigas at around 4pm last Friday.

Usually during our merienda me and my work friends go outside our office and buy sticks of BBQ or indulge in easy to cook noodles and Pancit Canton. 🙂 But of course BBQ would still top the list of my favorite merienda finds in the afternoon! 🙂 So just imagine my delight when Good Ah invited me taste their newest additions to their already affordable and tasty menu! 🙂

BBQ Liempo
Grilled Liempo with Pork BBQ Sticks FTW! 🙂

What is it with barbecue that keeps making us Pinoys go ga-ga over it?

Perhaps it’s the irresistibly smoky goodness that wins you over. Every piece or stick of barbecue grilling over glowing, red-hot charcoal remains to be the perfect invitation to go on an eating or drinking spree with friends, loved ones, or officemates.

And Goodah!!!, the most iconic brand of food fare whose legend dates from way, way back, brings to meat lovers out there a fantastic meaty combo that’s sure to delight the Pinoy palate when it comes to this classic smoky food fare: the BBQ Liempo Plus meal!


As it turned out, the barbecue geniuses at Goodah!!! mixed their favorite Barbecue Liempo together with their iconic viands: Sisig, the well-loved Lumpiang Shanghai, and even smouldering Pork Barbecue, to create the BBQ Liempo Plus!

BBQ with Lumpia
Liempo with Shanghai Rolls! 🙂

The Goodah!!! Liempo is more than enough to get our fill, but with the Sisig, Lumpiang Shanghai, or Pork Barbecue, we were amazed at how good these meaty mixes turned out to be.

They may seemingly be odd pairings but they’re full of tasty, marinated to perfection combinations! And when it’s made even more special with the addition of the Sisig, Lumpiang Shanghai and Pork Barbecue, we truly couldn’t ask for more.

I would definitely come back and take my family with me for them to taste their new delights! 🙂 It even comes with my favorite Red Iced Tea for free that comes with every order of Goodah!!! Liempo Plus 🙂 How filling is that? 🙂

The exciting combos of Goodah!!! BBQ Liempo with BBQ Liempo Plus are truly a mouth-watering mix of mighty meaty favorites you’ll surely love and can’t resist.

Just when you thought the lip-smacking liempo concoction from Goodah!!! was already good by itself, Goodah!!! ups the ante on your gastronomic experience by combining it with other best-tasting meaty delights that Filipinos truly love. And kudos to them for masterminding these scrumptious meaty combos of two viands per meal that groups of up to 4 people can share and enjoy.

BBQ with sisig

We’ll definitely head back to Goodah!!! for more of their BBQ Liempo Plus. We wouldn’t want to waste any more time because the Goodah!!! BBQ Liempo Plus will only be available at your nearest Goodah!!! store until March 31, 2016 only. So what are you waiting for? Head out to Goodah now with your friends and family and feast on this tasty delights that they are offering for a limited time offer. 🙂



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