New Makeup Haul! Girlactik Products! :)

I’ve been desperately wanting to buy liquid matte lipsticks for the longest time, so I thought I should finally give in to my whims and try purchasing some lippies for myself 🙂 Good thing Ms. Dursula Ilot, the sole distributor of Girlactik Products in the country became my Guardian Angel and heard my prayers. 🙂
She actually sent me some samples for me to try! 🙂 Yehey! 🙂 So here goes:


Since I am a food blogger by nature I wasn’t really keen on the latest beauty and fashion trends 🙂 So I’m just basing my review on what I have experienced so far 🙂 Tried to use it last Saturday before going to class and to my friend Sam’s Baby Shower Party 🙂 Seems nice because my friends complimented my look 🙂 It wasn’t overly done but just the right touch 🙂
Me after I did my makeup in my car using Girlactik Products 🙂 
The product comes in a tube, and applies like a gloss. The formula has a slightly oily texture when first applied to the lips, but dries to a fat, matte, finish. Which is awesome! You can apply one layer for a more subtle look, or wait for the first coat to dry, and apply more coats, until you reach your desired opacity. 
The colours do not smudge or budge for HOURS. You can kiss, eat, and drink without worrying about your lip colour coming off. After having eaten at Sam’a party I was filled to the brim and was amazed that my lip color was still there unlike others wherein at the slightest touch it seems to fade and smudge away.
Me and my friend Estelle after finishing our meals during Sam’s house party/ Baby Shower:) 
It comes with a doe foot applicator, which is always desirable for something that runs more on the liquid side. It’s also a breeze to achieve a precise application with this wand, so I have no complaints in this aspect. The product goes on so smoothly that it almost feels slippery. You have to give it several seconds to a minute to set completely and dry to matte finish. After that, it’s completely transfer-proof, kiss-proof, and practically anything-proof!
The one that I tried was the Gloss Bella 🙂  There are 2 other shades offered which are both as beautiful as these. Check out the swatches below, and then go buy yourself some at

The Primer was a breeze to use! 🙂 It was very light to apply and wasn’t a chore to remove 🙂 It wasn’t even that oily to begin with unlike the other BB Creams I used before. Meanwhile for the blush on, what I had was the Coral one! 🙂 It actually gave my usual pale skin more color and life however since I am not really a fan of blush ons I would save to use this more often in special occasions 🙂
They also have a promo this month! 🙂 When you avail of any of their beauty products like their Skin Tint, Star Gloss and Blush in a single transaction.  You would get a chance to take home a Summer Skin Care Travel Kit worth 1,350 for FREE! 🙂
How awesome is that? 🙂 Perfect for our Summer Essentials! 🙂

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