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Earlier this year, I published my posts regarding the book by Kath Derla titled “Before I Do” which tackles on the hurdles and looming thoughts going on a young girl’s mind before she finally walks down the aisle with the love of her life in tow.

For those who want a refresher on it, here are are links to my previous two posts 🙂 Before I Do Book ReviewMy Thoughts on the Book 🙂

A definite must read 🙂

But of course, every woman has a back story or might have kissed a hundred other frogs out there before she finally met the one.  In this lifetime lucky are those who immediately find the love of their lives and end up walking down the aisle without fully navigating this labyrinth called the dating game. 

However, for mere humans like us who are probably still looking for what we really want. I guess the search is still on until we finally meet the ONE. The Guy who would sweep us off our feet, who would give us butterflies in the pits of our stomachs, the guy who would make me feel fulfilled and content every single time I stare at his perfectly contoured face, his deep dark brown eyes which conveys so much depth, his thoughts which I find so challenging and mentally engaging. But of course, we all have our very own subjective back stories so let me share with you Kit’s back story before she finally met the one and said “I DO”.

Before our Girl met the one there was someone else..
Before our Girl met the one there was someone else..

Five years ago. College.

I have obviously taken the wrong course the moment I realized there are only three kinds of guys you meet in a journalism class – the gays (they’re fabulous, I like them), the singles (they have every reason to be) and the straight men (most of whom are taken, sorry).

There are no athletes, no gorgeous nerds, no jocks and no superstars. How will I manage to find a boyfriend in this building filled with boys whose cat eyeliners are fiercer than mine?

Sir Magic Pants refused to sit through Hazel’s entire presentation. He begins shifting his weight from one leg to another, giving the class a nice on stage performance of le bulge.

The moment of bliss gets interrupted by the flash of light. When my eyes finally adjusted, I hear the faint collective gasp coming from the mouth of every single girl in class.

“Look who finally decides to join the class,” Sir Magic Pants is saying now. “This is Matthew Rondillo, a transfer from Bio.”

Of course, everyone knows him. He’s not just a new transfer, but the transfer from Bio. He’s not just a recent member of the Journalism Society, but he’s the hot new editor of the university paper.

Matthew is also the president of the literary club whose membership is so elusive that you have to be ready to kill someone if you want to join. Not everyone manages to do so, but everyone gets to buy the ridiculously expensive collection of poems they publish every semester. Including me.

Everyone knows Matthew, but not everyone gets to see his beautiful face in person, especially not for two hours straight in one confined space. “Take a seat,” Sir Magic Pants says. “Hazel, continue.”

The faint whispers continue as Matthew passes smoothly behind Hazel, causing her skirt to rustle a bit. With her mouth ajar, my BFF coughs out the last of her recently acquired bashfulness and proceeds with her presentation.

To my horror, Matthew sits beside me on Hazel’s chair. He extends a hand and says, “Hi, I’m Matthew.” To be continued.. 

Check out the full version here at  these links :First EpisodeSecond Episode,Third Episode. Let me know your thoughts on these girls and together let us all gush and be one with Kit as she navigates this seemingly endless maze called love.

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