Bacer Wellness Spa: A Relaxing Respite

I love getting massages!:) This is one of my most favorite things to do aside from downloading movies on Torrent or watching the latest movies in the big screens and poring over new reads while sipping my hot cup of tea and relishing in my isolation as I get to relax and rejuvenate my mind, body and soul.

Me donning on an robe after my massage. (I love pampering treatments like this) 

So anyway, I just couldn’t pass up the chance when Alice (My Blogger friend)  from Photoescape Travels invited me over last Sunday to a new Spa which just recently opened up it’s cozy rooms in the confines of Kamias! 🙂 So near our place! 🙂 Yey! 🙂 

I kind of overslept actually since I was tired the whole week so I had to catch up on my sleep after hearing mass with the family in the morning. I woke up again 30 minutes after 3 pm. Good thing it hasn’t really started that much yet and the venue was just near so I took a GrabCar going to the place and got there in a jiffy! 🙂

It was located at the 2nd Floor, 100K Tower No. 100 Kamias Road, Quezon City (In front of PNB) with the name Bacer Wellness Spa.

Their cozy and soft interiors upon entering the place welcomed us immediately 

We were amicably welcomed by their owners. Two friends who decided to open up their own spa after having being massage enthusiasts for a long time. Their interiors were very warm and cozy on the inside and you can really feel the relaxing aura of the place upon entering the place.

We were first toured around the place and then feasted on their simple spread which they willingly served up to their blogger guests that day. After having downed and digested the food. We then got to experience their signature massage treatment for an hour. How awesome is that? 🙂

This is how their cots look like. They are still in the process of ordering the beds but for me this did the job just as well. 

Upon coming in the spa you would be handed over a waiver wherein you would have to disclose any medical conditions that you have. In my case I had scoliosis and my lumbrosacral area was the most painful part for me so I wanted the therapist to focus more on that part. I also had pains sometimes in my neck area and my shoulders were quite heavy at times too.

We were then handed out straw baskets which contained towels and boxers for those who want to change. Then we were tasked to lie face down and the massage will begin 🙂 I actually fell asleep to be honest during the duration of the massage since I was quite tired from the week and treating myself to a much well deserved massage and rest really did the trick and gave me my much needed rejuvenation.

This was the gown worn by their therapists

After the massage they served us their signature hot tea which comes in a sweet raspberry taste. Then they would also offer you hot towels to remove the oil and even assist you in areas which are hard to reach like your back. They also had ventosa treatments to scoop out and absorb the cold from your body and my favorite hot packs which can really soothe and relax those tired muscles and joints.

What’s even more awesome in this spa is that upon purchasing you automatically get a free loyalty card and is entitled to their discounts and promos if you refer a friend or become a loyal client. For me, I think I would be a regular here 🙂

They also have home services as a bonus and they also have the unique duo massage wherein two therapists would simultaneously massage you at the same time. So that’s like 4 hands all in all instead of only two. For the affordable rate of 850 only! 🙂

Loads of promos are also in store for you once you pay them a visit like their Birthday Promo wherein you will get to avail of a free massage once it’s your birthday provided that you will have 2 paying friends who will avail also of their services.

For more details check out their website here. Hope to see you there! 🙂


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