Light up your Life with Orbik Lights :)

Last week, I got an invite to an Event Launch of Lighting Products at the Cafe Naya inside the Palace Pool Club 🙂 I wasn’t really keen on lighting products or their sub types but being in the Development Industry for over 9 months now I have grown to have an appreciation for these various kinds of lights and the benefits it can provide especially aesthetically 🙂

In my line of work we usually focus on the Furniture so that it might be aesthetically pleasing however with good lighting it can definitely accentuate and highlight your living room better 🙂

Each room in the home requires a different type of light depending on its style and purpose, and it can make or break the functional and aesthetic design of it. Yet, many people overlook lighting during the design phase – perhaps because bulbs are often hidden from view, or maybe most of us aren’t well informed yet about the benefits and the effects it can do to our house.

Bubbly and perky host Sam Oh was the emcee for that luncheon 🙂 Check out the romantic display of Orbik lights behind her.

During the lunch at Cafe Naya they discussed about the importance of having great lighting in our households and how it can help us lessen the cost of our electricity and save up in the long run by just choosing the right bulbs.

The place was filled with Orbik Light Bulbs in various uses

“We have a full range of LED bulbs and other lights that assure energy efficiency,unlike other brands, we don’t focus on  the price of the product, but on what kind of light functions should be needed.” says Jam Chan, Marketing Director of Orbik LED light bulbs. “We at Orbik like to consider ourselves as light experts because we want to educate consumers about LED light bulb use.”

This can definitely be at par with candlelit dinners 🙂

For architect Conrad Onglao, lighting serves different purposes: accent lighting to highlight artwork, indirect lighting to create mood, or task lighting on desks or above kitchen counters where clear light is necessary. There are many ways Onglao applies lighting so that function and design complement one another. “A bedroom should have soft and warm lighting while an office space has bright white lighting to keep one alert. There is no blanket lighting solution for all spaces.” Most Orbik bulbs have both warmwhite (yellowish feature) and daylight (crisp white color) options.

When selecting a bulb for your home or light fixture, it’s always important to take into consideration how big and the function of the space, this is to ensure that you buy a bulb that has a wattage fit to its function. To get the right amount of illumination/light specific for its function, we must look at the lumens, not the wattage.

The Orbik Team and Sam Oh holding out various light bulbs 🙂

Chan says, “Your room can be transformed in the switch of a single light bulb. But with low quality bulbs, you’ll find yourself more hassled than benefited with the transformation if you have to keep changing it! This is where LED makes a difference.” The energy-efficient bulb is touted for its low environmental impact and cost-effectiveness as its outdated predecessor for lasting over 3 times longer. Going LED means saving money, effort, and the environment – it’s a win all-around!

I especially loved their  Bluetooth Speaker/ Light Bulb it’s dual functionality is just perfect for my new room while I’m finishing off my blog posts and reading some books at the same time I’m listening to Spotify on my bluetooth speaker/ light bulb 🙂 How cool is that? 🙂 Plus it’s only priced at around 2k 🙂 Rather than opting to buy those expensive Bose Speakers this lightbulb/ speaker serves both purposes at the price of one 🙂

About Orbik

Founded in 2007 by renowned trading company Rockford Marketing Corporation (RMC), Orbik was created as a direct response to the local need for accessibility to quality lighting that is efficient and reliable. RMC has over 40 years of experience in lighting, having been established in 1971, and decided that they were ready to offer the Philippines high quality illumination solutions that address specific needs and work to the highest efficiency. As local experts with international background in lighting, Orbik is the go-to local lighting expert in the country.

For more home-lighting solutions, follow Orbik’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Share your experience with Orbik using #OrbikLightExperts.

Contact Details

722 Moriones St. cor. Juan Luna, Tondo, Manila, Manila, Metro Manila Philippines 1013

Phone:  02 245-3133/09398172133

Email :

Metal-lite MC fort BGC home depot 

32nd street, Cor. Bonifacio Blvd., Global City, BGC Taguig city

T: 8126217/ 8156218

RMC Bldg., A.C. Cortes Ave. Cambaro, Mandaue City, Cebu.
Philippines 6014

Contact details:(032) 345-1378 / (032) 345-4051

Email :


RMC Bldg., Cabaguio St., Cor. Lakatan St., Davao City Davao Del Sur, Philippines 8000

Contact Details: (082) 305-1624




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