Relax, Pamper and Unwind at Pro Young Wellness Center

Last week I received an invite in my email regarding an event to be held at the Goldland Building in Greenhills at around 1:30pm onwards. Since I had class that day and our finals are coming up soon I texted Ms. Wayne ( Their Chief Marketing Officer) that I would come in late due to my class. She said it was okay so after my class I braved the congested roads of Edsa once again excited at another new opportunity to make new friends and learn about this company called Pro Young since I wasn’t really keen on the brand. 
Pro Young Invite
This was the event invite sent to me in my email 🙂 Cute colors right? 🙂 

Parking was quite hard for me since the owners of the condominium were quite stringent on the parking rules so I had to park on the sidewalk and just walk a couple of blocks to the venue. 🙂 Upon getting there I learned that the event already started off and was almost done. 😦 Good thing Ms . Wayne was there to brief me about their company and their products.
Me with my classmates before class 🙂 
Upon conversing with her I learned that they had been in the business since 2009 as the exclusive importer and distributor of SeriAsia beauty and wellness products that are manufactured in Malaysia.
However this 2016, they are taking the brand into a whole new level as they have partnered with promising brands since late last year. Some brands are actually well known and it’s quite good to know that they are affiliated with these brands like Maxicare Health Corporation, Gold’s Gym Philippines as their official spa operator initially for 4 clubs located in Centris, Glorietta, Bay Area and Chinatown. This March 2016, they have also began another partnership with Summit Hotels and Resorts as their official in-room spa service provider at Summit Hotel Magnolia.  Awesome right? 🙂 
I took the liberty to snap some photos here and there of the various products that they offered as I went around the place 🙂

Wayne told me that they were mostly in demand with Bridal Parties or House Parties wherein women just like to be pampered in the confines of their homes. Their packages comes with a facial, a full body deep tissue massage and also some fresh fruit platters. 🙂 The total package right? :)You can also request for a mani- pedi session so you can have your nails done as well! 🙂 

They even have a cosmetic line which are made up of all organic products 🙂 
Vitamin E for those who want to achieve that younger and supple looking skin 🙂 

She then offered me to avail of their signature massage while she was taking me around their place. Honestly, I was surprised that they had an in house spa there since the place was quite small. Good thing they maximized the use of the space since aside from it being a Spa it also houses their In House Agents for the Direct Selling of their products in the other room 🙂

My Co- Bloggers Krish and Anne came in before me and availed of the massage a couple of hours earlier since they got there early so when they were done we had our mandatory groupie moment 🙂

Me posing with these two lovely beauty bloggers 🙂 

Upon entering the room I  can already smell the “spa-ish” aroma from behind their curtains.  Inside the spa, you will be welcomed by their friendly staff who will then offer you coffee, tea or wheatgrass while waiting. I must say that their wheatgrass was very natural no trace of sweeteners or whatsoever. 🙂 

Pro Young formerly SeriAsia also offers a variety of wellness products like coffee with ganoderma mushrooms, lotions, vitamins, masks and a lot more. Their 6 in 1 lotion is good as it is not sticky and it helps lighten the appearance of stretchmarks. Great for Mom’s after giving birth! 🙂 or great for those who lost weight and had to deal with those stubborn stretchmarks! 🙂

The Massage
I was ushered into a couple room and since they had other guests that day I had to share the room with a beauty pageant contender who availed of their “Slendering Treatment” The room was spacious and it maintained the Spa’s theme for interior. You can still hear the music while inside the room, so that adds a calming feeling.
The massage started with pressing and kneading with towel on. Seems like the warm-up. Then as the usual massage procedure, while lying face down, oil was first applied to legs and feet, going up to the back, arms and neck; while lying face up, chest, neck and head, then back to arms and legs. I was informed that what was used in the massage was the Thermal Oil, while for the head massage, it was the Aroma Treatment Balm – both are products of SeriAsia (organic products from Malaysia). Lastly, they removed the oil from our body using hot towel. Yes, that is included in the service.I felt like a baby since the attendant was very attentive to my needs and took all my requests in consideration like my pressure points 🙂
Hot tea with honey was served after the whole spa treatment. Refreshing! It was definitely a great experience and I would definitely come back for more. What was even great was that they gave us a relaxing spa set 🙂
Hello Gold Bar 🙂 
These are the contents 🙂 

Check them out  here or pay them a visit at their Head Office:

SeriAsia Head Office

65D Scout Borromeo St., South Triangle, Quezon City.

Phone:+632 709- SERI (7374)

Fax: +632 709-0717
Email Address:

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