Get that Fragrant Skin with Lux Body Wash! :)

I have been out and about the past two weeks! 🙂 Hey as the saying goes, You Only Live Once right? I have always also been a firm believer that you have to do all things in moderation so that you don’t get swamped with work or burned out from all that has been going on with your life.
So after being quite toxic these past few weeks due to probably one of the hardest semesters in my graduate school life since I learned such alien concepts to me before like simulation techniques, queueing and linear programming methods which I have come to appreciate and have a renewed learning for I once again went out of my comfort zone and went with one of my good friends from grad school to their company outing held in one of the private pools of Laguna. 🙂
Me and Fey having the time of our lives in a jacuzzi 🙂 

My View for the night 🙂 Perfect view for those who want to recapitulate and relax after a long working week 🙂 
Of course after getting doused with water and doing various laps in the pool. I had to take my shower and what better way to do it than with my newly received samples from LUX Body Wash! 🙂 Good thing I came in prepared for this trip along with my loofah and my Lux Body Wash which I will try for the first time 🙂
My bathroom essentials 🙂 

I usually use body washes and my trusted loofah whenever I shower since for me it removes all the dirt and impurities better plus it also exfoliates my skin. Better than your regular soap and a hand towel which can be quite slippery at times 🙂


I also used their body soap to wash myself with and upon opening it I must say I was indeed impressed with the fragrance it contained. It was like opening a bottle of perfume in a bar 🙂 
 I’m totally impressed with its soft floral scent that I could sniff it all day. It is contained in an easy open flip bottle which comes handy even when you’re traveling. A light fragrance of roses comes off once you open the flip bottle.
See their intricately decorated soap bar 🙂 Quite nifty isn’t it? 🙂 
LUX Soft Touch Body Wash is infused with moisturizing SilkEssence and French Rose that leave you with silky soft and delicately scented skin
Lux Soft Touch Body Wash has SilkEssence™ & Fresh Rose Infusion which smells like perfume and makes any woman feel very feminine and beautiful.  It’s like bathing yourself in a bottle of perfume every single waking day 🙂 How cool is that? However, upon bathing with it after a couple of hours the scent seems to wane off 😦 but nonetheless upon using it the scent stays on for a couple of hours after you shower just not the whole day I guess 🙂

If you do want to smell like a bunch of French Roses after bathing by experiencing Lux Soft Touch as well, you may join their giveaway over their IG account.  It’s easy to join!

  • Follow Lux PH on Instagram
  • Post a selfie and answer Why do you love having fragrant skin?” Make sure your IG account is public.
  • Tag @LuxPH and use the hashtags #BatheWithLux and #LuxSoftTouch
  • Giveaway will run until May 28, 2016.
  • 20 winners will be selected to win Lux Soft Touch gift packs.
  • Winners will be announced in Lux PH’s Instagram account.

For more updates on Lux PH, visit their website or follow them on Facebook. Join their contest and get a chance to win any of their lovely Lux Gift Packs !:)

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