Enjoy More Quality Time when you do your Laundry

Last week was a happy week for me, not only did I get my well deserved break after the semester but I also got to spend some quality time with my family over the weekend since I have been out 2 weeks in a row widening my horizons like going on a camping/ backpacking trip in the hills of Quezon Province to chilling out with my friend from GradSchool in one of the private pools in Laguna.

The hills are alive! 🙂 Scenes like these make me want to enjoy my solitude and forget the world sometimes 🙂 Checking out this uphill view in Quezon Province

Since we just stayed home and tried to do some spring cleaning around the house we tried to make the most of our vacation by catching up on some readings, listening to the news and keeping tabs on the upcoming election polls and debates and doing the household chores.

Before, it usually takes a lot of time to do the laundry from scrubbing off all the dirt and stains, to rinsing off the laundry soap, and hanging every piece of fabric out in the sun to dry.
Now, many people enjoy the ease of using washing machines that does everything from scrubbing, rinsing, and even drying the clothes.
Though it seems that many people are having more time for themselves with the help of technology, this saved time is somehow spent on more chores than with some quality moments with the family.

Cheers to having more Quality Time with the family while doing the laundry 

One way of using saved time for family is to teach children some simple tasks at home.
It may be a bit challenging for most kids but being trained at an early age helps them develop a basic skill set and positive attitude, like being independent and responsible, that may help them in the future. Me and my sister usually wash the dishes and clean the rooms whenever our maid has her day off 🙂
With a bit of guidance from the parents, kids will not only get to understand the importance of doing chores but also have fun learning new and meaningful things at home with the whole family.

Parents may start teaching their kids the basics in laundry, like separating all the white fabrics from the colored ones. It is a suitable and easy task for kids, but making them understand that mixing colored fabrics with the white ones could cause stains, might just get their attention.

Letting kids wash their favorite clothes, on the other hand, may also help in convincing them to do some laundry, because it may trigger a feeling of responsibility when it comes to their favorites.

Rewards after finishing the laundry may also help, especially in making the kids feel accomplished with the work they have done.

Teaching kids to do their laundry will be easier with one of the world’s largest major appliances producer, Midea. The brand has been working on innovative products with very distinct features that bring convenience in new ways.
A wash and dry cycle only costs no more than one peso, because of its Dual Cleaning Motion that lets Midea clean clothes more thoroughly without the messy tangles.

So, while Midea is saving the family some time and money doing all the tough work on the chores, the family can enjoy more time to do something else.
Parents could help their kids with their art projects while school’s out and waiting for the laundry to finish.
If there isn’t much to do on a lazy day, they could always watch some movies or anything that gets them entertained.
Before, it usually takes time to do most of the chores at home, but with the help of technology, time is given back to families for them to enjoy and bond more.

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