Whipped Waxing Salon: Affordable Waxing in BGC

It’s the summer season once again and with that comes the much awaited summer vacation and loads of activities that enthrall kids and kids at heart just like me like swimming, going to the beach, trekking and embarking on various adventures from the high mountain tops to the deep blue seas and discovering the aquatic gems underneath the pristine seas 🙂 

Preparing myself for the heat of the summer sunshine 🙂 

So with all that it’s time to nix those stubborn Underarm Hair and Shape your Brows for you to be bikini ready this season and look great in photos too! 🙂 Since I usually go to Lay Bare to get my UA and EB Threading sessions done when I saw an offer of a partnership with a Waxing Salon located in the confines of the Fort I just could not pass up this opportunity so after my meeting last week I decided to pay them a visit 🙂 

The Whipped Experience

Since I was quite familiar with the place I didn’t really had to rely on Waze for me to navigate my way to the venue. It’s located at the second floor of Eight Forbestown Center in BGC Taguig where an array of various interesting shops can also be found like Karada (Where I usually get my spine aligned and my bones cracked every other week), Electric Studio (Which offers you an uncanny mix of riding a bike while dancing to various hip tunes) and Hair X (Which offers IPL and Laser Hair Removal ) Check out my previous post about it here.

Ms. Bing Fabi is the owner of this cute, candy like store and according to their receptionist Whipped has already been around for about 3 years now. 🙂 Upon arriving at their doorstep I was immediately greeted by their staff and didn’t really kept me waiting as they already had an available room that time 🙂 However, for you guys to avoid the hassle of waiting in line too long it’s best if you give them a call in advance and book your treatment too a couple of days ahead so that you’ll be immediately accommodated.

Check out their affordable rates and sugary packages 🙂  

Since I just got my Underarms done all by myself (Tried out this new hair removal cream  but that’s for another post) I opted to just have my brows groomed and shaped.

I was immediately ushered into a room with freshly laundered sheets and pillows which means that they value hygiene in their stores and make sure that the rooms are all well kept

To be honest, this is the first time that I will have my brows waxed! Waxed? Yes ! Waxed! 🙂 Since I’m so used to having it shaved before or threaded I was curious to see how everything would pan out 🙂

This is the sugar wax to be used on me 🙂 

So what happened was, they cleaned up my brows first with some water and a clean towel and then spread the wax over to my brows. After a few moments the wax hardens and it’s pulled off along with all the unwanted hair! Yay! Quick, easy, and painless! 🙂

The entire process took about 10-15 minutes since some stray hairs needed to be plucked and tweezed out. The best part is, the treatment cost only P200  reasonably priced without compromising hygiene, efficiency, and effectivity!

The staff are very knowledgeable and courteous as well since everyone was all smiles while I was being serviced 🙂

Check out my newly groomed and cleaned up brows! 🙂 

As a standard procedure, Whipped advises their clients not to wash the freshly waxed skin within eight hours after the procedure. This is to prevent the skin from catching bacteria or detergent which may cause infection.

Price: Individual waxing usually ranges from 110 PhP to 1650 Php. They also offer waxing packages which includes organic body scrub.

Specialty: Whipped specializes in eyebrow waxing and the organic bamboo shoot scrub.

Branches: Call or text at 09173096971 to schedule a visit in any of their branches in Eight Forbes Town Center, Alabang Town Center, and Fairview Terraces.

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