Happy Birthday to Me! :)

It has so far been a whirlwind of events again for me the past few weeks since school started once again and work had been nothing short of amazing. They say that when you choose a job you should also choose a boss you can be comfortable working with, comfortable discussing your career plans and probably the things you need to further hone and improve your skills.

I was glad that for the past year or so since I’m already turning a year older in our company and another year older also in my age since June 3 marks my natal day my boss had been supportive since Day 1 teaching me things beyond my comfort zone and being supportive in my studies.

Thank you for this rich, chocolate caramel filled cake and also for the banner which was plastered on our walls on the eve of my birthday 🙂 Made me feel a lot more special 🙂

So far the past few weeks had been very busy with me listing out all of the things that I want to do and accomplish by the end of the year.  I usually highlight or cross out those that I already did. Some of the items in my bucketlist are:

  1. Fly an ultralight plane- I was supposed to do this on my birthday but didn’t push through due to budgetary and time constraints 🙂 Guess I have something else to look forward to on my next adventure! 🙂
  2. Head out to Palawan
  3. Blog more frequently
  4. Take up two subjects for this term for my MBA
  5. Make new friends
  6. Visit the hanging gardens of Lujetta
  7. Go scuba diving- I am planning on accomplishing this one perhaps in the next two months 🙂
  8. Go snorkeling
  9. Head off to a music festival with total strangers
  10. Climb the lush hills of Quezon
  11. Stargaze and camp the night away
  12. Jump and fall in a box of soft, cushiony pillows at the JumpYard
  13. Face your fear of heights by trying out the Trapeze in BGC
  14. Book a random flight to somewhere you haven’t been before
  15. Attend a Color Run
Me spending my birthday at the Hanging Gardens of Lujetta wherein I swam in their infinity pools and took my time just lazing around their jet pools and detoxifying myself in their heated sauna rooms! 🙂 I thought I was going to faint due to the extreme heat emanating from the coals 🙂 Good thing they gave us some cold towels dipped in a bowl full of ice cubes 🙂
My view that day overlooking the lush mountain tops 🙂
Me posing atop one of their nifty entertainment rooms! 🙂 They even had a movie room for those who wanted to watch and laze around 🙂

I’m almost at the tail end of my list but then again that never seems to stop me from adding more to my list every year. This year as I grow older once again I hope that I would also become wiser and more discerning with regards to my choices in life.

I would like to thank my friends for the hundreds of late night and early morning birthday greetings that they sent to me thru texts, viber messages and calls. It made me feel so special that day 🙂 Also to my work mates who took the time to play and hang out with me in one of those comfy nooks along Maginhawa 🙂 To my friends who also accompanied me to my adventures I’m looking forward to having more life fulfilling ones this year 🙂


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