From Singapore to Manila! Annam Noodle Bar Opens in Eastwood!

Last Wednesday since it was a holiday I took the liberty to rest and enjoy my vacation in the middle of the week. Thank you to the current administration for declaring it as a holiday 🙂 I got to catch up on my much needed R&R and then during the evening of that  night I was invited over to try the newest craze in town with regards to Vietnamese Cuisine and being the foodie that I was who am I to refuse a good meal right? 🙂 So since Eastwood was near our place I just took a grab car and got there in less than 15 minutes 🙂 How convenient! 🙂 

Their native menu which we also got the chance to take home 🙂 

TBH, I wasn’t really keen on Vietnamese cuisine so it came as a surprise to my taste buds to taste something new and healthy too! 🙂 

Inspired by the old world concept of street food, Annam Noodle Bar aims to introduce a modern touch to traditional Vietnamese specialties through refreshing western-inspired flavors, varied textures and vibrant colors. The experience becomes even more authentic with its chic industrial interiors that evokes nostalgic memories of Vietnam. It’s like you’ve already been to Vietnam due to this authentic feel and taste that their dishes offer to your palate.

Their condiments on top of their tables makes it easier for you to adjust the flavor of your meal from tangy sweet to spicy hot. 

Annam Noodle Bar serves authentic, value-for-money, fresh and healthy, 100% MSG-free Vietnamese street food. Their menu features a few main specialties namely:Banh Mi, Hanoi Pho, a few appetizers, Vietnamese coffee and desserts.

Food here is as fresh and as natural as possible their mottos is “no MSG,” letting the ingredients’ natural flavors make the dishes flavorful and strong. Director and Owner Chef Nam was in the restaurant during the opening and openly answered the questions from the Media Invites 🙂

Words would not do justice to the sumptuous meal that was served up to our palate so without further ado here are some of the photos I snapped while tastefully enjoying every single dish that was served for our tasting.

Their version of squid calamari dipped in sweet and a tangy sauce
My refreshing thirst quencher for the night: Lemongrass tea 🙂 
Here comes the Pho!
For the sweet toothed people out there this is the perfect dessert fix for you! 🙂 Very rich and luscious in flavor
Soft and chewy wagyu beef! 🙂 
Their chopsticks which are also displayed on top of their tables
This for me was the most memorable drink for me that night since it kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. If you’re aiming for that all nighter for your exams or late night work then this is the perfect caffeine fix for you! 🙂 

At Annam, they showcase the authentic pho from Hanoi, the birth place of the iconic Vietnamese noodle soup. At the restaurant, the broth gets its full flavor by bring boiled for over 24 hours, and is then added with rice flour noodles and garnished with freshly chopped herbs.

So if you’re aiming for that authentic Vietnamese Pho cuisine there’s no better place to head out to than here.

Reservations are accepted
View their Instagram account

Annam Noodle Bar is open to the public starting last July 6, 2016. Visit Annam at Unit 1880-4 ground floor of 1880 Building in Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City, Libis, QC. Log on to, and follow Annam on Facebook and Instagram (annamnoodlebar).

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