Nervous? Anxious? Achieve that Confidence Boost with Swish Breath Spray

We all have moments in our lives wherein our emotions get the best of us especially in socially awkward situations that we are faced with. Whether you’re giving out a presentation to the ManComm of your company, or presiding a meeting between your outside suppliers or whether it’s meeting someone new for the first time who could be your potential partner in the future. It always pays to come in prepared to look well groomed and of course it comes to say with fresh breath. 

To be honest, I wasn’t really keen on using mouthwashes before since most of the time they sting and I eventually end up just spitting it out after 2 minutes of gargling. Such a waste right? So when Unilab sent me these cute Swish sprays I was quite hesitant to try it out since I knew the repercussions of a stinging mouth spray. But after trying it out to my surprise it didn’t sting at all! Just spray and it will provide you with instant fresh breath in 10 seconds.  It also comes in very convenient 10ml bottles.
Have you done the Swish?

What makes this product unique is that it comes in these handy breath sprays! Instant fresh breath in 10 seconds! So convenient especially when we barely have time to brush our teeth when we are not home and we need a quick fix especially when meeting people. Since I am always on the go due to the lifestyle that I have and also when I cover events whether for work or for my blog I must keep this in handy all the time especially if I don’t have the luxury of time to brush my teeth in the nearest restroom 🙂
 It quickly kills germs and bacteria in the mouth. Simply spray 1 to 2 pumps into your mouth to freshen breath instantly. No more excuse for bad breath. And just like their predecessors, absolutely alcohol-free. Swish Breath Sprays are available in 2 refreshing variants -Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh and retails for P105 (approx. $2.60) a piece
 I was so hyped up after since it was actually the first non- alcohol based mouth spray I tried so I tried to google it up for their other products and the past commercials that they have done and one of their funny commercials is wherein a guy who was thought to propose to his date ended up selling her jewelries of various types! 🙂 Good thing she was enamored by his fresh breath brought about by Swish that’s why her attention was hooked 🙂
This boost of self confidence is now available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star, Robinsons, Puregold, Shopwise and other select drugstores/supermarkets nationwide.

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