Korean Beauty Expert now in PH

I first got enamored by the Koreans or other Asian Beauties when I was in High School. To be honest I wasn’t really the girly girl type back then. I was more of the laid back, chill girl who loved adventure and anything that came in her way. Not much of that had changed through the years I guess cause I’m still as curious as a kid with the world and I love to learn and discover new things that come my way especially when it comes to make up and skin care since I like going to various adventures and road trips I also have to take care of my skin as well knowing that the sun’s UV Rays can cause irreparable damage to our skin.

Me and my officemate Kath doing a car selfie during our tree planting event in Bulacan last week. The weather was really hot back then good thing I packed in my sunblock to keep me protected.

The Korean invasion in the country goes beyond K-Pop and Koreanovelas. We’ve also come to love their approach to beauty and skin care. Nearly every mall has at least one Korean store selling skin and beauty products. The glowing and seemingly flawless faces and skin have captivated us – making theirs the reference for good skin.

But having glowing and radiant skin isn’t just about using Korean beauty products available in the market. It takes regular authentic Korean Facial treatments to get things right.

Miss World 2015 First Princess, Cassandra Naidas having a consultation with “The Clinic by Lisa”

“Looking good has become embedded in Korean culture. While we religiously follow our beauty regimen – cleansing, infusing the skin with various vitamins, and moisturizing — we still come to aesthetic centers to get a Korean Facial. We’d like to bring the same experience to Filipinos,” says Lisa Naidas, owner and beauty consultant of The Clinic by Lisa, a Korean beauty center.

01 (1)

The Korean Facial Lisa is talking about is not your ordinary treatment. It involves the usual deep cleansing and exfoliating while vitamins and other serums that aid in whitening and anti-ageing are also infused in the face. But what actually sets it apart is the authentic Korean facial massage that aids in toning the facial muscles and even helps contour the face.

As a Korean, Lisa has witnessed how these advancements in the field of aesthetics were able to help more Koreans gain more confidence. And for someone who has been living in the Philippines (and raising a Filipino Family) for more than twenty-five years, she wants Filipinos to have access to this Korean expertise.

“Feeling and looking good are essential in boosting a person’s confidence. Koreans are very aggressive in developing techniques to make beauty more accessible. We want to extend that experience to Filipinos through The Clinic by Lisa,” Naidas shares.

Apart from the signature Korean Facial Treatment, the clinic also offers both non-surgical (e.g. dermal fillers, thread lifting, botox, mesotherapy etc.) and surgical treatments (e.g. rhinoplasty, face lift, etc.) as well as laser treatments (e.g. IPL, Fraxel, etc.) . It applies the Koreans’ way to beauty in every treatment. “Our doctors are Korean-trained and we adopt the latest Korean-developed technologies in our clinic. We also consult with Korean doctors to improve our services further.”

The Clinic by Lisa is located at 211 Skyway Twin Towers, Capt. Henry Javier St., Oranbo, Pasig City. For more information and full list of services visit www.theclinicbylisa.ph.


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