KL goes to Singapore! :)

So just last week me and my best friend Kat decided to embark on another venture this time we’re heading out of the country. Since it was our first time going out of the country together she booked our flight months in advance to take advantage of the low airline fares.

We also found ourselves an affordable hotel which was very accessible to their train system and to the major tourist attractions.

So with a lot of planning especially on Kat’s part since she is a seasoned traveler she already drafted our itinerary and even secured us tickets to the USS (Universal Studios in Singapore) one of the main highlights of my trip. (Thanks Bes! You’re the best)

Me and my best friend from High School Kat making some wacky poses during our visit to USS. 

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August 2016 Monthly Diary Updates :)

It has been a good old 3 day vacation! 🙂 Thank you Lord for the holidays which gets us ample time to relax and finally catch up on reruns of our favorite series in my case it’s catching up with my my missed episodes from Suits 🙂 Maybe I should think about pursuing law in the future? Haha. Just a random thought 🙂

The witty banter which ensues between the characters really know how to keep their audience glued to the screens anticipating every next episode to come. I couldn’t wait until the 8th Episode airs on the 31st.

Some of our lovely volunteers from the Accounting Department as well as Jerome from our Customer Service were all smiles that fateful day as we tried to paint the railings of the school. 

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Time to Cast Your Votes! Do the Dewmocracy! :)

Just last Friday August 12, 2016  Mountain Dew held an event at the White Space Manila in Chino Roces Makati.  Despite the torrential downpour due to the unpredictable weather  and the heavy traffic that day we still tried to brave the roads that day because I was curious to see what new enticing flavors Mountain Dew has whipped up for its consumers.

Upon entering the place a splatter of brightly lit lights automatically greeted us. 

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Olay’s One Wash Wonder Review :)

In this day and age wherein women are granted more privileges as compared to the generations before her wherein women were mostly relegated as stay at home Mom’s and are left to take care of the household and of their kids. Times have definitely changed and women nowadays are granted more freedom with regards to their life choices like having a husband, having kids and climbing the corporate ladder and not being tied down to anyone who doesn’t support her goals for that matter. 

But amidst being a kick ass lady with a career and lots of things going on for her. We should also never forget to love ourselves more and take care of our bodies and our health cause there really is no purpose in having everything this world could offer you when you’re not healthy inside which can sometimes reflect in our skin. 

Thank you BDJ for sending me this product for review 🙂 

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July 2016 Updates and Bucket Lists..

I have always believed in widening your horizons and making the most of your time since even as a little girl I would always have my handy notebook with me so that whenever I had some random thoughts I would automatically pen it in my notebook and it would not be lost or forgotten and left to just a random passing thought.

However, as I grew older and as time eventually passed by I realized that I had to take control of my life and having a planner was inevitable since it makes me more organized as to the things that needs attending to. So when blogging came around it served as my online outlet and diary of all the things and random musings that I have on a daily basis. So for this month here goes..

Our Talents for our Corporate Shoot

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