Olay’s One Wash Wonder Review :)

In this day and age wherein women are granted more privileges as compared to the generations before her wherein women were mostly relegated as stay at home Mom’s and are left to take care of the household and of their kids. Times have definitely changed and women nowadays are granted more freedom with regards to their life choices like having a husband, having kids and climbing the corporate ladder and not being tied down to anyone who doesn’t support her goals for that matter. 

But amidst being a kick ass lady with a career and lots of things going on for her. We should also never forget to love ourselves more and take care of our bodies and our health cause there really is no purpose in having everything this world could offer you when you’re not healthy inside which can sometimes reflect in our skin. 

Thank you BDJ for sending me this product for review 🙂 

So after work when I got home one evening I was surprised by this cute package on our doorstep 🙂 Inside it came the caption “One Wash Wonder” and since I know that Filipinos have this obsession about being “white” because they think having fair skin is an asset it’s no wonder why a lot of beauty products are geared towards having the whitening effect on your skin. However sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect whitening product because there are products that come on too strong for our sensitive skin (almost like a burning sensation), leading us to thinking that it’s effective.

I was so excited on trying out the product so here’s how everything turned out:

Inside the box is a pink 90g soap bar. It is a whitening bar that doesn’t sting when used unlike other whitening soaps. No pain at all. This Olay body bar promises to give a Natural White Skin from first use. It gently exfoliates skin to wash away dead cells. That being said, I know we do not just want to whiten skin so Olay makes sure to give you an even skin tone.

Upon using it I noticed that it wasn’t that foamy but it produces light bubbles instead. It feels so soft and light on my skin. To be honest, I am already fair by nature but for me the effect was more than whitening since it helped moisturize my dry skin and it also made my skin smell good soon after due to it’s scent. But I think that with continuous use it would be able to make your skin seem lighter since it has exfoliation properties 🙂 Try it and tell me how it goes 🙂


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