Time to Cast Your Votes! Do the Dewmocracy! :)

Just last Friday August 12, 2016  Mountain Dew held an event at the White Space Manila in Chino Roces Makati.  Despite the torrential downpour due to the unpredictable weather  and the heavy traffic that day we still tried to brave the roads that day because I was curious to see what new enticing flavors Mountain Dew has whipped up for its consumers.

Upon entering the place a splatter of brightly lit lights automatically greeted us. 

To be honest, I actually came in late due to the horrendous traffic which ensued that fateful Friday and so I wasn’t able to witness the awesome and witty flip top battle which transpired between the two teams led by Sam YG and Ramon Bautista wherein they exchanged witty retorts and outwitted each other with their playful banter of words. Each of them represented the two flavors that Mountain Dew introduced that night. Team Lead Sam YG for Live Wire and Team Leader Ramon Bautista for Blue Shock.

The two limited edition flavors are Blue Shock, the Dew charged with Raspberry Citrus and Live Wire, the Dew with a blast of Orange. Blue Shock is cool and stunning while Live Wire is loud and electrifying. Both are quite refreshing since I tasted both but I like the blue one better for me cause it gives off that tangy flavor which caters to my fancy and since I love the color blue as evidenced by my wardrobe which is mostly composed of various shades of blue.

Also various celebrities were also present that day like the guys from the Boys Night Out which airs every night on Magic 89.9 along with the lovely Joyce Pring and Saab Magalona. They all donned on their Mountain Dew caps that night as they amicably interacted with the media and bloggers alike that day.

Boys Night Out with Me in the Middle 🙂 
Having a Wacky Shot with the super poging Ramon Bautista who was not only smart but was was really funny off stage. He even followed me in my Instagram and was even curious on “What it takes to be a blogger in this day and age”. 

The set up of the venue that night was quite the rugged street style perfect for sporty girls and guys. So I took the opportunity to have some photos with the stage displays and backgrounds since it well coincided with my sporty outfit that night.

Me biking around the place 🙂 
Playing around with the props and the stage set up that day 🙂 
Me and my blogger besties after dinner and after the event wherein we reached a whole new level of friendship after being stranded in Makati for more than 5 hours. (From Left to Right) GoingSoLou (Me), HeyHershey (Hershey) and SaskiaSacro (Saskia). 

The goal of Dewmocracy is to allow the consumer to engage themselves in choosing which flavor remain on the racks of your favorite stores and supermarkets.

Be heard and make the stand, everyone has a voice.Choose which team you belong #DewLivewire or #DewBlueShock

Vote on twitter and Instagram to make your votes count.Voting period starts Aug 13 and will close on Oct. 31. Who knows right? You might just win a brand new pick up truck! 🙂





  1. Had fun with you both! To more adventures!



    1. Going So Lou says:

      Yes! 🙂 Looking forward to more adventures with you pretty ladies 🙂

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