KL goes to Singapore! :)

So just last week me and my best friend Kat decided to embark on another venture this time we’re heading out of the country. Since it was our first time going out of the country together she booked our flight months in advance to take advantage of the low airline fares.

We also found ourselves an affordable hotel which was very accessible to their train system and to the major tourist attractions.

So with a lot of planning especially on Kat’s part since she is a seasoned traveler she already drafted our itinerary and even secured us tickets to the USS (Universal Studios in Singapore) one of the main highlights of my trip. (Thanks Bes! You’re the best)

Me and my best friend from High School Kat making some wacky poses during our visit to USS. 


Since I had to do some last minute packing and errands before my trip I wasn’t really able to get that much shut eye added to that the exhausting week I just had with everything that has been going in my jampacked schedule as of late.I didn’t really have the luxury of sleep the past few weeks so I guess it all contributed to the weakening of my immune system come our trip. 

Kat picked me up at home at around 6am and then off we went to NAIA to unload our baggages and pay for the terminal fee and wait it out until the counter for the check in baggage opens. It was actually my first time going out of the country with my best friend and since she had to extend for a couple of days in Sg due to her relatives there I had to go home to the Philippines all by myself.

It was definitely eye opening and quite fulfilling going home all by yourself and trying to decipher how to get past all the airport processes before your flight but nonetheless it was still fun. 🙂 I could travel alone already maybe next time 🙂

So when we got to Sg, the first thing we did was to check into our hotel and then off we ventured to our planned destinations according to our itinerary.

Me posing alongside one of their wooden walls. Makes for a good backdrop I must say. 
The Marina Bay Sands
Gardens by the Bay or should I say Gardens with the Bae 🙂 haha. 

I even saw some otters by the garden pond ravishly eating their fresh catches for the day. Too bad they swam and disappeared quite quickly that I wasn’t able to get a video of them in action. 😦

Since it was still early I cajoled Kat in checking out the Night Safari located on the other side of the city since my Aunt during her family’s latest visit to Sg went there and told me about how awesome it was there. Since I am not one to back out of an adventure and I am always excited to experience new sights and adventures off we went to navigate the location of the Night Safari.

After a couple of detours here and there and after getting quite perplexed with their bus system we finally arrived at our destination via taking a cab. However since our worsening cough and colds  got the best of us that fateful night we weren’t able to maximize our visit since we were already tired and truly exhausted from walking around all day. So we just took the safari train ride and then after having dinner we took another cab going home.

The next day was filled with temple visits, shopping to the various outlets and snapping up photos here and there of their various tourist attractions as well as posing alongside their eye candy wall paintings.

Temple Run 🙂 
Kat posing by the Merlion despite the chilly weather brought about by the heavy downpour earlier that morning


Shopping in Chinatown was such a treat since there were a lot of bargain finds and also great food outlets. 🙂 We also headed off to Orchard Road where a lot of locals and tourists alike were also present that day. 


Dinner was also a treat for me that day since we tried out their food outlets in Lau Pa Sat and I must say Singaporean food offers such a distinct healthy flavor to the palette.

My visitors that night in our Hotel 🙂 Thanks for dropping by 🙂 

Reema, (Marvin’s friend; One of my former officemates) along with her other co- teacher also decided to pay me a visit in our hotel room that night. Thanks for taking the trouble to find our hotel. See you again soon! 🙂

Our 3rd day was definitely for me one of the highlights of my stay there despite me being down with the colds and some productive cough coupled with a persistent migraine that did not deter me from having the time of my life enjoying the rides in USS.

My childhood was spent mostly watching cartoons on our TV Screen and one of those that I always enjoyed watching before was Sesame Street. 

I went around trying out the various rides and let myself be a kid again with no abandon. I also had some photos taken alongside my favorite movie idols like Madonna and Optimus Prime from the Transformers. We also watched the show in the sea wherein loads of effects were employed to give out such a great performance. Overall it was a great experience trying out those 4d glasses and getting lost in the movie scenes as if we were really there. 🙂 Since Kat had to meet up with her friend from Sg I embarked on a sojourn alone back to the hotel from USS and also did some personal shopping on my own.

It was again another fulfilling feeling when you find your way back home especially in a foreign country. You just have to be aware of the stops and signs. 🙂

Me with the lovely Madonna : ) 

We just had a quick lunch the next day before my flight back to Manila alone. Overall it was nothing short of amazing. I might be a couple of bucks poorer after our trip but definitely richer in all the insights and gainful experience that I had. 🙂 Thank you Singapore! Until we meet again! 🙂 Can’t wait for our scheduled travel once again come early next year  🙂 Until my next adventure! 🙂

Me and Kat having a sumptuous lunch before my flight back. 



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