Just Got Whipped? :)

Since I was to embark on another sojourn with my friend Kat I decided to pay Whipped in BGC a visit first before my flight since some of my wardrobe staples consisted of sleeveless tops and I didn’t want to raise my arms in Sg with a forest under there. I just wanted to feel free and confident and you couldn’t do that if you’re constrained with a lot of underarm hair right? or if your brows aren’t on fleek and with lots of strays. Gotta maintain that #kilaygamestrong wherever you may go. 🙂 
So right after work I decided to drop by BGC after doing some last minute shopping and before heading out to The Medical City to get my car since I slept there the night before to stay with my brother who got confined and I left my car there since I was coding on a Friday. 😦
So upon entering the place, the warm, comfy and girly interiors are sure to greet you.
Whipped Sugar Wax & Body Scrub Salon
The entrance of Whipped located at Eight Forbes 🙂

Whipped uses their signature sugar waxing treatment to remove those unwanted and excess hair from your brows and underarms. To be honest the first two treatments that comes to our mind in getting rid of unwanted hair are shaving and plucking especially since they are both inexpensive and less painful compared to laser hair removal. However Shaving leaves your underarms looking darker since it wounds the epidermis whenever you shave and the hair growth right after is quite thick and hard to pluck the next time around. On the other hand, plucking your hairs often results to skin irritation, hair breakage and worst ingrown hairs. 

I honestly prefer waxing my pits because hair re-appears finer and takes longer before regrowth than with shaving. With shaving my hair usually grows quite soon after just a week or two however with waxing it takes more than a month for the hair to grow back again.

I am quite familiar with the 2 kinds of wax- the warm wax (aka hot wax) wherein they apply it with a spatula, let it harden a bit so it attaches to the hairs of your underarms then pull it off in a swift and brisk motion, and the room temperature wax (aka cold wax) that utilizes a cloth strip wherein the hair will stick to the piece of cloth.

Whipped BGC branch has 4 rooms. This is the room where our sugaring session was held:


They sterilize all their equipment for hygiene purposes and to ensure that they don’t scrimp on the quality of their equipment.

This is how their wax looks like
Whipped uses Organic wax- sugar and lemon (or calamansi). I tried their sugar wax for my brows and my underarms.
So for my brows, their attendant wiped my eyebrows with a cloth and then proceeded to sugar wax the excess hair from my brows. The remaining hair that cannot be removed was tweezed.


Me before the treatment. There were a lot of extra hairs which left my brows too out of shape already. 
Me before the procedure. 
Me during the procedure, however I just decided on keeping my eyes closed for most parts of it cause I didn’t want to interrupt with her job so I just waited until she was done. 
Me after the eyebrow waxing. Cleaned, Well Shaped and Newly Groomed Brows for me! 🙂 Yey! 🙂 However the redness could really be noticed prolly one of the after effects of the wax but nonetheless it would subside after a couple of hours and they even put some kind of cream to reduce the redness afterwards. 
Meanwhile for the Underarms Sugar Waxing since I was a blogger I was entitled to a 20 percent discount from the secondary service which I availed.
Here’s a copy of their prices. I think I only paid 200 bucks for my UA service which wasn’t bad and compared also to the other waxing salons around the metro it was quite affordable. 

So the technician wiped my underarms first with a towel once again and then did the sugar waxing and plucked out the remaining hair strands. Soon after she applied some cream to reduce the redness once again and for finer hair growth too.

My underarms looked clean and smooth without the hair afterwards I was more confident in wearing those sleeveless tops once again. Thank you Whipped! 🙂

Me donning on a sleeveless top last Saturday when I visited the Rada branch of Boulangerie 22. 


Check out:
www.facebook.com/whippedsalon www.instagram.com/whippedsalonph or call 834-6558 for appointments.



  1. Hershey Neri says:

    Why do you still look pretty while being threaded??? unfair!! hihi miss you, lou!



  2. Hershey Neri says:

    why do you still look pretty while being threaded?? unfair!!! hihihi miss you, lou!!



    1. Going So Lou says:

      Aww Thanks Love. Miss you too! 🙂 See you soon please! :*

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