7 Flavors on a Friday Night Out! :)

I can’t believe the past week just flew by so quickly! 😦 Time really does fly so fast especially when you’re having fun I guess. Now another weekend is about to commence and a long one for that matter so before another set of adventures come along I would have to deal first with some of my backlog from last week’s happenings and events.
One of those was the filling buffet spread which I indulged myself into. Located strategically along the confines of Wilson Street. 7 Flavors would surely give you the bang for the buck.that you deserve especially if you’re eating out with your friends 🙂
Tidying up my desk before heading off to a buffet dinner! 🙂 Yey! 🙂 Who doesn’t love good food right? 

So just last week I was cordially invited by Aldous from Aldous Ate The World to sample the finds in this quaint restaurant called 7 Flavors. I wasn’t really keen on the name so of course the next best thing that I did was to google it up and lo and behold what I found were a treasure trove of food reviews and some photos of the sumptuous delights they offered. So I immediately said “Yes” to the invite. I mean, come on who doesn’t love great food right? Especially when it’s concocted by one of the most known Chefs in the Metro. 🙂 
I first met Chef Boy a few years back in one of the studio events of GMA 7 wherein they asked some food bloggers to join in on their set of “Idol sa Kusina” with Bettina Carlos. He was really down to earth and nice back then since he narrated to us his humble beginnings and how he clawed his way out of poverty through sheer hard work and perseverance. Now that’s a success story right there! 🙂 From that day forward he had served as one of those inspirational people in my mind which exemplify clearly the saying that “Nothing Worth It Ever Comes Easy”
The Facade of the Place from the outside
7 Flavors, co-owned by GMA’s Chef Boy Logro, is actually a buffet, a cafe and a bakery rolled into one space address offering a wide selection of dishes according to one’s type of craving. To define its name, dishes revolve around 7 flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, spicy, astringent and umami. There is no definite cuisine as all the recipes are paralleled to a fusion style or could be dubbed as international cuisine.
Me having a photo op with Chef Boy since he wasn’t physically present during the time of our visit, his standee would do as his proxy. 
 The recipes at 7 Flavors are all developed by Chef Boy Logro himself so imagine my excitement to devour and taste everything in the buffet! 🙂
Hey, I wouldn’t have become a food blogger in the first place if it wasn’t my innate love for food right? 🙂
The buffet costs around 600 per head and here are some of those dishes we tasted that night.
Their Mouthwatering Soft Shelled Tacos was my favorite that night. The taco shells were really soft and crunchy to masticate. It definitely catered to my food cravings that night since it complimented the various dips and other additional toppings in the tacos which only adds up to its overall flavor 🙂 


Another one of my faves that night was their Roast beef! 🙂 I mean who doesn’t love Roast Beef right? Especially when it’s generously flavored by its rich and creamy gravy.
Some of their salad toppings
Some of the main dishes that night
Tonkatsu and Pork BBQ were also available on the racks that night. 


To be honest,  it was overall okay for me however perhaps they could improve and deliver more exciting new dishes which will whet up the appetite of their guests even more because even though their dishes are authentic I guess I was looking for something a little bit off tangent or maybe something new.
Thank you again for having us 7 Flavors 🙂 We surely had a ton of fun! 🙂 
The service was overall great although since there were a lot of people that fateful Friday night the staff needed a little more following up on. But in all fairness, the dishes were continuously refilled. I guess for the price you are paying, this could be a good idea for a simple dinner venue with your friends perfect for your GNO’s .
Me enjoying my cucumber shake that night. Drinks aren’t included in the buffet in case you’re wondering. You have to place a separate order for your choice of beverage
Try them out and tell me what you think: 🙂
7 FLAVORS: Bakery. Gourmet Cafe: Buffet
196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills,
Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines
Contact Nos: 02-2469069 ext: 681/ 5430325 / 
7210653/ 5036750/ 09176700291 / 09334177387

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