Amazing Make Up Haul from Dearberry

It’s Friday once again! 🙂 or should I say Fri- Yay? due to the long weekend that is about to commence this starting weekend. I am so excited and I cannot help it because aside from me getting to embark on another new set of adventures for the weekend with my upcoming hotel staycation and a party at Valkerie for another product launch tomorrow I will also get my well deserved shut eye and just lounge around in our attic (where my room is located now) and catch up on the re-runs of my favorite shows and movies. 🙂 Yey! 🙂 

So before I veer off topic again, last week I was invited by Dearberry a Korean makeup and beauty brand to their product launch which was held at the Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg Center Manila

Some of their astounding gems and treasures. I felt like a kid again getting all excited by just looking at all these variety of beauty products which would enhance our God given features. 

You might be wondering what’s with the name right? To be honest, since I’m not really keen on the latest makeup trends and brands I googled the brand first before consenting to attend the event.

That’s when I knew that  it’s called Dearberry because most extracts are from 8 berries (Blueberry, Acai berry, Raspberry, Aronia berry. Elderberry, Cranberry, Blackberry and Strawberry). So natural right? No wonder why all those Korean ladies are so blessed with such great skin! 🙂 I should definitely take some skin care hacks from them from now on.

From the same makers of  high-end and good quality beauty brands such as The Face Shop, L’Oreal and Tony Moly, Dearberry is a promising line that will definitely do wonders to our skin without burning holes in our well crafted budgets! Perfect for us thrifty ladies.

Dearberry believes in the age old adage that, “healthy skin is most beautiful” and sticks to the basics, “firstly keep skin healthy, then optimally solve target issues.” You can never go wrong with a healthy, glowing skin right? 🙂 It’s the perfect asset to highlight especially when we feel lazy at times and just decide to go barefaced sans make up 🙂

So without further ado, here are some of the products that I took the liberty of perusing since they gave us the freedom to roam around these awesome hauls 🙂

I am in makeup heaven! 🙂 

Here are some of their top of the line makeup products which you can definitely add up to your arsenal of beauty finds! 🙂


I personally love their hand creams since I think that my hands are usually dry and lacks moisture so I make it a point to at least apply a generous amount of hand cream on my hands everyday to make it more supple, soft and moisturized. Their cute and girly packaging is also to die for! 🙂 I love how they package their products, it is very visually appealing for me.


Aside from giving us a product brief of their natural, top of the line cosmetics they also had a makeup session wherein they demonstrated how to apply their products to your face. Since I rarely have time to watch all those Youtube videos online with regards to makeup tutorials and skincare routines this one helped me a lot since it taught me the basics of contouring and how to properly enhance your features to bring out a more stellar you! 🙂 We soon had a photo- op afterwards with some of the pretty beauty bloggers and vloggers alongside their CEO and top executives.

Me and Via with Sir Vince the CEO of Dearberry Ph
Me posing alongside these gorgeous beauty bloggers! 🙂 

A sumptuous buffet spread was also served for our consumption that day and being the foodie that I was I couldn’t help but snap some of their delectable sweets.

Great way to cap off my full meal! 🙂 

Upon getting home after the event, I immediately checked out my loot from the event and look what awesome finds I saw! 🙂

Thank you Dearberry! 🙂 Although I haven’t used everything from this set yet I’ll just make a quick review on those that I already used up 🙂 
Me after the event trying on some of their products especially the mascara and the face powder. 

I specifically love their powder since it offers such a wide coverage which conceals my pimples and acne scars away. Do away with photo filters with this one 🙂 


I also love this eyeshadow since it brightens up my eyes and can be used to highlight them as well
This one has been a personal fave of mine since day one cause aside from it moisturizing my dry and chapped lips I love how it’s not too dark in its color and it also doesn’t have a funny taste of raspberry unlike other glosses that I have tried in the past. 
Since my eyes are a bit asian due to my Chinese heritage, this product gives more definition to my eyes and highlights it more as one of my prominent features. Love how it doesn’t smudge off easily and how it creates me the perfect cat eye look! 🙂 

Here’s my look the next Monday after I used these products on my face.

Tadaah.. Here’s the finished product. Thank you again Dearberry for my awesome haul 🙂 

Check out more of their amazing finds in their Social Media Sites stipulated below 🙂

Instagram: https//



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