Filipino Bartender Michael Tubiera competes in Miami for the Best Bartender of the World

People have various ways of unwinding after a long and hard week, some prefer to climb mountains on the weekends and be a weekend warrior or try out something new to de-stress themselves like attending events or new product launches or sometimes you just want to go out with your close pals and just have a drink or two while regaling each other with stories of how your day went and the updates on your lives as of late. 

So just last Thursday after attending the press conference for Gatorade, Me and my friend Reign headed out to Rambla Rockwell to have some drinks and meet up also with our blogger friend/ boss blogger Sir Eli from ELifestyleManila.

Me and the Beshies (Reign and Sir Eli) last Thursday night at Rambla

We were astounded and quite impressed by the bartending skills of Michael Tubiera, who happened to the Head Bartender of Rambla and is also the representative of our country to the upcoming Diageo Reserve World Class 2016 Global Final to be held in the shores of Miami Florida.

For those who aren’t keen on the competition here’s a little refresher for you:

Diageo Reserve World Class is actually the most prestigious cocktail education program and bartending competition in the world. To date, it has inspired and educated more than 25,000 bartenders from all over the globe building a cocktail culture and offering us a fine drinking experience like no other. Michael will go on a full throttle battle with 59 other national champions all vying for a shot to become the Bartender of the year.

So going back to last Thursday we were served original and  quite strong mixes by our National Champion which were inspired by his upbringing and some of our Filipino Delicacies. So without further ado, here goes some of the cocktails we tasted that night.




Ingredients used:

45 mL Tanqueray No. TEN

30 mL ampalaya shrub

30 mL Mancino Secco

4 dashes orange bitters

Mike took inspiration from the Ilocanos’ love for ampalaya (bitter gourd), evident in Ilocano delicacies like Pinakbet (mixed vegetable dish) and Dinengdeng (vegetable dish with shrimp paste). A proud Ilocano himself, Mike took the distinct flavor of ampalaya and mixed it with the bright citrus flavors of Tanqueray No. TEN, Mancino Secco, and orange bitters. The name is inspired by Gabriela Silang, the first female leader who led the Ilocano movement for independence from Spain.

It was definitely something new offering up a distinctive flavor to my palette. Of course I couldn’t drink that much since I was still going to drive home after. Gotta remain sober and not inebriated right? 🙂



Ingredients used: 

60 mL Bulleit Bourbon

20 mL Mancino Rosso

30 mL atchara liqueur

4 dashes angostura bitters

4 dashes carminative bitters

“Mana” is a digestif style cocktail based on atchara, a popular side dish that lends a burst of flavor to fried Pinoy meals. Atchara, a mix of pickled green papaya, carrots, ginger, and bell pepper with vinegar and sugar, is said to aid in digestion and this inspired Mike to make it a basis for his digestif cocktail. Grounded with Bulleit Bourbon’s spicy flavors and smooth finish, “Mana” is the ideal way to end a hearty meal.

We were also treated to a sumptuous meal wherein olives and a bunch of other appetizers were served to set the mood 🙂

Some olives to get the night started
Some of their creative appetizers that night. Who doesn’t love bacon right? 🙂 
Me holding out one of their appetizers before having a sip of their concoctions. Sorry for the grainy quality of the photo. It was kind of dark that night making having a selfie a struggle haha 🙂 
Michael doing what he loves best. Mixing some drinks! 🙂 

Were all rooting for you Michael! 🙂 Make us proud! 🙂


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