Of Gowns and Dresses at F Boutique

I can’t believe another week had already gone by so quickly! With the BER Months ushering in a season of festivities and yuletide cheers its now time to get dressed and to be impressed with the various OOTD’s and outfits that will surely be the staples of fashion stores and retail outlets nationwide. I wonder what my dress will be for this year’s Halloween party? or maybe this year’s Christmas Party? Time to get those fresh ideas going so I can don on the perfect dress come these next few months! 🙂 

Georgina looks so gorgeous donned in this wedding dress. I’m sure all of us want our own customized wedding trails one day as we walk down the aisle and as we exchange “I Do’s ” with our significant other) 

But before  you rush off to the next mall sale toting your stylish pursues with you, first check out this new concept store along the confines of White Plains called F Boutique.

I got invited to it’s opening night a couple of weeks back, unfortunately due to my schedule and a lot of other things which happened along the way these past few weeks I only got  into blogging about it now.

So what makes this store so special that it stands out amongst its competitors in the market?

It is actually catered to individuals who want to exude their own style and express their personality through their fashion.  Owned by ChiChi Atienza-Valdepenas and Fredd Alba, their love for fashion and styling have led them to embark on this refreshing new start-up business in the fashion world.

Some of their gowns on display that night 

Like what they say, “Find what you love doing and you would never work a day in your life” I guess at the end of the day that’s where we all want to head out right? To finally be able to expand our horizons by doing what we really love. For the beautiful lass ChiChi, her love for fashion  eventually became more than just a hobby for her.

She opened her first home and fashion store Nullah after college. Her business grew from one to five outlets in only a span of three years, boasting of a celebrity clientele following to her personally curated items from around the world. As a mother of three, she understands the practical demands of women from different experiences, style, taste and travels in designing and producing ready to wear ensembles featuring unique appliques in limited quantities.

Classic and Stylish, that’s the perfect way to aptly describe their designs. 
Another owner of this boutique is Fredd Alba who is actually a veteran designer who has been around since 1989 and also a member of prestigious Designers League of the Philippines. During their opening night it was notable that a lot of models were present probably due to him. Mayor Lito Atienza even led the ribbon cutting ceremony that night.
He has consistently garnered acclaim for gowns designed for many celebrities, socialites and beauty pageants. After taking a much-needed leave from the fashion world, he is back in full form and ready to create new clothes to make our every special occasion even more special by helping us to create our dream fashion ideas into a reality.
Perfect outfit for a date on a Friday night 🙂 

The partnership of this talented duo mixes classic, contemporary and current designs. Each brings a different dimension of personality, style, taste, and experience to their venture. They both believe that everyone has to have something special in their closet that’s just theirs. Retail pieces start at Php1300, while simple made to order gowns start at Php8000.

Pay them a visit at:
F Boutique
129 St. Ignatius St. Katipunan Ave. Quezon City
Facebook: F Boutique Whiteplains
Instagram: @Fboutiquewp

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