A Filipino board game is changing the way people learn business.

I have a confession to make.. Okay here it goes.. I love board games! Who doesn’t right? Especially if it’s mind boggling and confusing sometimes. The skills that can be honed from playing a simple board game can also be translated to real life sometimes.

When I was a kid, me and my sister used to play chess and we would take turns outwitting, outsmarting and outplaying each other and developing sinister plans to eliminate the kingdom of another person and completely eradicate her whole territory from the board. But then when we grew up, we decided on trying out Scrabble because not only does it increase  your vocabulary but it also makes you think a lot on how to strategize and garner the highest points among your competitors. Yes, I know we are competitive like that! 🙂 haha.

But of course we are always on the search for new and upcoming mind boggling board games especially if it contributes to honing our strategic skills in life. Introducing this new board game that launched on October 15 on Kickstarter which is set to transform how people experience starting and sustaining a business without the risk.

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Soban comes to Eastwood! :)

There are those kinds of days wherein you just want to lock yourself up in your room or in the attic in my case and just ruminate on life lately and how you plan to go about it in the next couple of years down the line. I guess, I still haven’t got everything figured up as of the moment. But then again, that’s the beauty of it right? Sometimes life catches us off guard and surprises us with opportunities that we never thought we would come across and we are changed for good. 🙂 So just last week I was invited to this Bloggers Food Tasting at Soban by Aldous from Aldous Ate the World. I wasn’t really keen on the place since it just launched last May but since it was just located in Eastwood it wasn’t that hard to find. Little did I know that I was in for a treat that night. 

The owners of Soban (The 3 ladies to our left) with the bloggers that night. 

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My Pampering Experience at the Victor Ortega Salon in QC

I believe that as women our crowning glory is of course our hair. Sometimes just the right color and the right cut would do wonders on how you look. It can accentuate your features and make you look like you just came out from a magazine cover or it can also make you look like a rag doll with unkempt shaggy hair if not done right. 

However with our busy schedules who has the time to go to salons nowadays right? Especially when you think that everything has been going on haywire as of late. But of course, we could not discount the fact that truly getting the right treatment for our manes can do wonders for us. Even as a kid I have been quite experimental with my hair trying out various colors like red, ash blonde, going pitch black and mahogany brown trying to find the color which would suit me the best and accentuate my features all the more. Of course, the thought of coloring my hair blue,pink or green also crossed my mind before but to not freak my Mother or my Grandmother out I opted to just stay with the basics. 🙂 

As time progressed eventually, my strands became dry, brittle and all the more damaged due to the constant treatments. So I had to resort to having these monthly hair spa and hot oil sessions from my salon to mend my brittle hair strands and bring it back to life hoping that somehow it would do my hair wonders. I have long searched for a hair treatment which would rejuvenate my strands and bring back its natural shine lost by the constant treatments, coloring and ironing that my hair suffers on a regular basis. I have also heard of the treatment called “Brazilian Blowout” from a friend before but decided not to pursue it due to the hefty price tag that came along with it.

So when my blogger friend Michelle from Rockstarmomma messaged me about this new concept salon along the confines of Congressional Avenue who specializes on treatments like these I just knew in my heart that I could not pass up this chance. So after having lunch with my family, I drove to check out this newly opened joint 🙂

The Victor Ortega Salon has long been in business for the past couple of years but for food entrepreneurs Ms. Michelle and her husband this is their first salon franchise. 
Congratulatory flower arrangements were poised near the doorway during that day 

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Life Lately.. :)

It’s been more than a week since I last updated my blog once again and I know that it’s a pathetic and lame excuse to use the term”Life Got in the Way” once again but hey, I guess it holds true for me for the time being with so many things running across my mind right now and trying to device a way on how to balance everything out. I think I have been doing such a bad job lately neglecting some things which apparently should be part of my pressing priorities and just attending to them a tad bit too late which leads me to cram and procrastinate most of the time. Such a bad habit indeed! But, I’m trying to change that already. It’s just that maybe sometimes there are days wherein you don’t feel motivated or compelled to do anything significant. Nothing wrong about that but then again, there are priorities too that needs attending. 


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Sear Steak Scullery New Food Joint in Banawe!

When one speak of steaks, it usually creates a lot of excitement because it is hard to find good steaks, and most of the time they are expensive. Then comes Sear, the newest steakhouse in Banawe. To be honest, I wasn’t really keen on this place since it just opened and I don’t really frequent Banawe since it’s quite far from where I live and work.  But upon hearing that their speciality was STEAK and with a vast array of other mouth watering gastronomic delights as their other food offerings I just knew in my heart that I was SOLD! 🙂 

Driving to Banawe to check out this new place. 🙂 Despite the torrential downpour caused  by the rain it didn’t deter me from locating this joint and I must say it did not disappoint. 

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Wake Me Up When September Ends

September had been a flurry of activities here and there once again so with that being said.  The title of this blog post is from a song by Green Day entitled “Wake Me Up When September Ends” I think it fully encapsulates my whole month since I been running around like a headless chicken as of late with everything that has been going on in my life especially with the BER months coming in and with a LOT of deliverables at stake in the next few months to come. 

So much pressure right here. 😦 Planning to actually take a social media hiatus from Facebook and Instagram until maybe I’m halfway through my required tasks like finishing off my paper for school, shortlisting various suppliers for our Company’s Corporate Giveaways and effectively managing our inventory alongside ensuring that our Social Media efforts and Website Development would pan out as planned and many other things that I need to address on my plate right now. But on a positive note, I guess all it takes is a LOT of FOCUS and dedication for me to avoid procrastination at the last minute.

So anyway, before I again move forward with all these tasks I should maybe take a breather first and make a look back on how the past month had been for me. 🙂

Being all Cultured Up on a Sunday at the National Museum

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