Sear Steak Scullery New Food Joint in Banawe!

When one speak of steaks, it usually creates a lot of excitement because it is hard to find good steaks, and most of the time they are expensive. Then comes Sear, the newest steakhouse in Banawe. To be honest, I wasn’t really keen on this place since it just opened and I don’t really frequent Banawe since it’s quite far from where I live and work.  But upon hearing that their speciality was STEAK and with a vast array of other mouth watering gastronomic delights as their other food offerings I just knew in my heart that I was SOLD! 🙂 

Driving to Banawe to check out this new place. 🙂 Despite the torrential downpour caused  by the rain it didn’t deter me from locating this joint and I must say it did not disappoint. 

So after dropping by one of our developments in the North I decided to then drive by this place for a foodie meet up with other food bloggers who share the same passion for food as I do. 🙂

For those not familiar with the brand it’s actually the newest brand from the creator of Red Baron Ribs & Megawatt. The concept of this joint is actually a steakhouse that has interiors which bore an uncanny resemblance to that of the Wild Wild West. Even their playlist has a Wild Western Feel to it. It was like I was transported to another era wherein robbers pillaged the village and sheriffs were toting their badges and guns and were drinking at pubs and dancing to slow music while feasting on steaks and beers.

Upon arriving a photo op was already in order as the other food enthusiasts were snapping up photos here and there of the sumptuous dishes laid out on the table. I couldn’t really recall everything but I would just enumerate those which stuck to me and which left an imprint to my palate.

Their house speciality: USDA Strip Steak
You get to pick how you would like your steak to be served. Well done or Medium Rare it’s your prerogative

Their USDA Strip Steak was cooked perfectly in the sizzling plate. The steak was marinated in herbs and mustard that gave it a nice, herby, slight earthy flavor that complimented the meat. I utterly love how they paired it with French beans and corn.

Great way to whet my appetite by serving this cheese fondue. Diet? What diet? For now, I will indulge myself in this luxury and then consider dieting later on. haha. 

Their cheese fondue was definitely one of my favorites as it comes with crisp pieces of bread crumbs and you can really taste the cheesy and gooey flavor of the melted cheese from this appetizer. It was the perfect way to whet my appetite since obviously I am a cheese lover and anything with either steak, mushroom and cheese will surely do the trick for my taste buds and make me a happy kid after a full meal. 🙂

Their milkshakes brings all the boys to the yard and damn right it’s better than yours! 🙂

Another thing that stood out for me during my lunch at Sear was their sweet, tasty and flavorful milkshakes! 🙂 OMG! 🙂 It was TDF as it was definitely overflowing with calories. I would like to presume that “There is no such thing as calories” but then again just upon looking at this sinful cooler made me want to think twice before consuming this whole glass. Thankfully! It wasn’t really as sweet and fattening as I thought it was. To be honest, it wasn’t that thick and rich but the flavor was still intact plus who can ignore the awesome and cute decorations around it and atop the whipped cream.

I felt like I was Gretel (The girl in the fairytale who had Hansel for a brother and who ate without abandon on the cookie house which belonged to the Wicked Witch). Good thing that was only a fairytale and that I get to consume this shake with my friends.

Seafood Lasagna Negra 

Another viand which surely got my fancy was their Seafood Lasagna Negra. The pasta was filled with scallop, fish, shrimp, and squid. The sauce used was squid ink and coconut milk which made it so creamy, then topped with really gooey mozzarella cheese. Again, this dish involved cheese! No wonder why I was so enamored by it. 🙂


My friends also indulged themselves in some cocktails before driving off to our own ventures after the lunch. Hey, it’s never to early to get inebriated right? haha. I still had an event to attend to that night so I wasn’t really keen on having some cocktails that day cause I still had to drive to the other side of the metro but according to my other friends, they said it was good! It actually had a tangy taste which will leave you buzzing for more.

Sear Steak Scullery is located at 2F, 238 Banawe Corner Panalturan Street Manresa Quezon City and opens from Monday to Sunday; 11am – 11pm.Check them out and share your experience. 🙂

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