Wake Me Up When September Ends

September had been a flurry of activities here and there once again so with that being said.  The title of this blog post is from a song by Green Day entitled “Wake Me Up When September Ends” I think it fully encapsulates my whole month since I been running around like a headless chicken as of late with everything that has been going on in my life especially with the BER months coming in and with a LOT of deliverables at stake in the next few months to come. 

So much pressure right here. 😦 Planning to actually take a social media hiatus from Facebook and Instagram until maybe I’m halfway through my required tasks like finishing off my paper for school, shortlisting various suppliers for our Company’s Corporate Giveaways and effectively managing our inventory alongside ensuring that our Social Media efforts and Website Development would pan out as planned and many other things that I need to address on my plate right now. But on a positive note, I guess all it takes is a LOT of FOCUS and dedication for me to avoid procrastination at the last minute.

So anyway, before I again move forward with all these tasks I should maybe take a breather first and make a look back on how the past month had been for me. 🙂

Being all Cultured Up on a Sunday at the National Museum

During the first week of September we celebrated my sister and my brother’s natal days since they were just days apart Mom thought it would be best to just appoint a single day to celebrate both their birthdays while inviting our relatives over for a sumptuous feast here at our place.

Having a photo op with the cousins and my siblings after sumptuous lunch over at our place 

After having lunch at our home that weekend with our relatives, My cousins and my sister all consented to dropping by UP Town Mall to chill out and have some drinks at Starbucks before calling it a night and finally heading home. Of course it was all paid for by our generous sponsors for that night namely my Sister (Since she’s already working) and my Cousin (Ate Mickie). Thanks for the coffee treat guys! 🙂

Me and my Mom taking some wacky shots on my phone that night. I just had my hair chopped to a few inches that day cause I got bored of my usual long mane and wanted to add volume to my hair hence the layered look. 

I also got invited to some foodie events where as usual I again indulged myself in my innate love for food and in snapping photos here and there of the various food offerings that the newly opened joint had to offer. More food reviews in my upcoming posts but so far for this month I have been to 3 new establishments around the Metro, serving great cuisine and again whetting up my appetite to a whole new different level of gastronomic delight! 🙂

There’s nothing better than a table full of gustatory delights especially when it comes  with STEAK! Who can refuse STEAK? Sweet, juicy, tender and oh so succulent meat which melts in your mouth on your first taste. 🙂 

The photo above was taken at the Sear Steak Scullery in Banawe. To be honest, I wasn’t really keen on this new joint so upon coming from our Open House event last week in one of our developments in the North. I drove by to this place to check out what they had to offer and it definitely did not disappoint. More on this in my upcoming posts.

Also Hey Handsome and Kikufiji were some of the establishments that I visited just last week wherein they served authentic dishes which would surely spruce up your gustatory cravings once again. Hey Handsome is actually owned by the same Chef who owns Your Local which by the way was currently featured in an article that said it was actually “One of the Best Restaurants in the World”. Such an honor to have eaten in both Your Local and Hey Handsome. Congrats on this new venture Chef Niko 🙂 Another job well done! 🙂

Of course everything has to be balanced right? So with all these foodie visits I also have to keep my health in check. That’s why I went back to running once again in order to prepare my body for my upcoming run sponsored by none other than Gatorade.

Me and my officemate Niko before running after work. I really need to work on my stamina and my endurance so I wouldn’t have to catch my breath that often. 

I also tried out spinning classes in the Fort at this new dynamic place called Electric Studio wherein you ride a stationary bike for 45 minutes with loud music blasting from the speakers. You would lift weights, pedal as fast as you could while following the choreography by the instructor in front of you. I think I was sweating buckets after that session since it really pushes you to work your ass out and your cardio too. Suffered a couple of bruises along the way due to my shoes being unclipped in the pedals causing my thigh and shin to hit the handlebars and the pedals. Guess time heals all wounds or bruises for this matter right? 🙂 I hope so. 🙂

I also got rushed to the ER (Emergency Room) just a few weeks back due to my ulcer recurring once again. Good thing I had my trusty friends from work who rushed me to the ER of St. Lukes BGC and who patiently attended to my needs while I was waiting for my lab results and was hooked to an IV to hydrate me. Turns out I was anemic and that my ulcer once again ensued. 😦

Thanks for being there guys! 🙂 

Me and my friend Saskia who is also a blogger and a part time model also scored a gig just last week at the Marco Polo hotel wherein a construction company celebrated their 25th year in the industry. It was a posh and glamour filled event that night as the owners doled out various awards and cash prizes to their employees as a token of appreciation for the years of service they rendered to their company. Of course the greatest asset of a company is their PEOPLE that’s why they deserved to be recognized once in awhile.

Me and Sas while shooting for our Video Blogs

Our Video Blogs had also started rolling and I got my friend Sas to be one of our talents. I can’t wait for the final product of it all. A couple of other events happened just this month alongside work, school and my blog but I guess this is it for now. More on my next updates. 🙂 Good night and have a restful Sunday ahead! 🙂

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