My Pampering Experience at the Victor Ortega Salon in QC

I believe that as women our crowning glory is of course our hair. Sometimes just the right color and the right cut would do wonders on how you look. It can accentuate your features and make you look like you just came out from a magazine cover or it can also make you look like a rag doll with unkempt shaggy hair if not done right. 

However with our busy schedules who has the time to go to salons nowadays right? Especially when you think that everything has been going on haywire as of late. But of course, we could not discount the fact that truly getting the right treatment for our manes can do wonders for us. Even as a kid I have been quite experimental with my hair trying out various colors like red, ash blonde, going pitch black and mahogany brown trying to find the color which would suit me the best and accentuate my features all the more. Of course, the thought of coloring my hair blue,pink or green also crossed my mind before but to not freak my Mother or my Grandmother out I opted to just stay with the basics. 🙂 

As time progressed eventually, my strands became dry, brittle and all the more damaged due to the constant treatments. So I had to resort to having these monthly hair spa and hot oil sessions from my salon to mend my brittle hair strands and bring it back to life hoping that somehow it would do my hair wonders. I have long searched for a hair treatment which would rejuvenate my strands and bring back its natural shine lost by the constant treatments, coloring and ironing that my hair suffers on a regular basis. I have also heard of the treatment called “Brazilian Blowout” from a friend before but decided not to pursue it due to the hefty price tag that came along with it.

So when my blogger friend Michelle from Rockstarmomma messaged me about this new concept salon along the confines of Congressional Avenue who specializes on treatments like these I just knew in my heart that I could not pass up this chance. So after having lunch with my family, I drove to check out this newly opened joint 🙂

The Victor Ortega Salon has long been in business for the past couple of years but for food entrepreneurs Ms. Michelle and her husband this is their first salon franchise. 
Congratulatory flower arrangements were poised near the doorway during that day 

When I went in the salon on the afternoon of their opening day, Ms. Michelle Turabin (The Owner) approached me immediately and welcomed me warmly to her newest venture in the Salon Business. She told me that she was once a regular customer in the Mandaluyong branch of this salon back in the day when she was still gainfully employed for a well known multinational oil company however when she and her husband decided to pursue full time their already growing food business they eventually wanted to diversify their line of services offered hence the birth of their first Salon Franchise :). 

She then endorsed me to one of her senior stylists named “Val” who was dressed in a white shirt with red long sleeves. I was later on informed that they have certain uniforms for certain positions in their salon so as not to risk confusion. I was then asked as to what service I would like to avail and I just said that “I wanted my frizzy and wavy hair to revert back to its original shine and my dry and damaged strands be somewhat repaired”. Being the hair expert that he was, he recommended their signature Brazilian Blowout treatment. So here goes.

Me taking a selfie before the huge mirror fronting me. 

This is how it went down for me: first, he washed my hair with a shampoo specifically for the treatment. It’s an anti-residue shampoo which helps with the smoothing process for the hair. Then, he parted my hair in sections to apply the treatment solution.  Then he ironed it out and then applied another treatment which was then washed off after 30 minutes or so and then blow dried my hair with a paddle brush right after. 

Me holding out my lemon cucumber drink. 

To entertain their customers from being bored due to the waiting time entailed for the treatment to penetrate my strands I was offered some food items from their menu. I was actually amazed since their menu contained a full course meal replete with non- alcoholic mocktails and frappes which would surely cater to your fancy.

Turns out they also own the coffee shop adjacent to it called “Coffee Book” wherein they serve great meals with good coffee and some mocktails while you pore over your favorite read. Such a perfect way to pamper yourself right? After your salon session, you can go to their cafe to relax and eat out with your friends.

Complimentary herbal tea offered to their clients at the salon. This was definitely one of their selling points. To be honest, I think I actually requested for 3 refills of this kind of tea not because I was dehydrated but because of the flavor and delicious mix of this tea. This one is a definite must try for me. My tastebuds loved it immediately. If you’re a fan of the “Kalamansi Juice” just like me then you would definitely love this. 

For the post treatment care, Val instructed me that I must only use SLS or sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep the keratin longer. He also said that I should also stay away from beach and chlorinated water.

And now for the finished product.. Are you ready?

Loving my healthier and shinier mane! 🙂 Now I wouldn’t need to worry about those brittle hair strands because my hair is now stronger and shinier. 

I also got their Foot spa package which includes a pedicure also.

My happy feet getting all pampered from their foot spa session. 
My nails before the manicure 
The foot soak mixture was already ready and prepared for my feet to indulge into 🙂 


It definitely rid my feet off those dead skin cells and also got my toes painted a cool new lavender shade which I must say compliments my skin color quite well. Here’s another photo of me with my nails painted on.

Presenting my new lavender nails! 🙂 Tadaah! 🙂 Looks like the color of our garden’s orchids 🙂 

I’m pretty sure that this new concept salon/ coffee shop place will be filled to the brim for sure in the coming months to come. Not only are they strategically located, they also offer a good value for your money. Their rates are quite affordable actually as compared to the nearby establishments in the area and that for me is one of their selling points aside from the good quality  of their services. Pay them a visit and check them out at:


Victor Ortega Salon and Spa

Ground Floor Pinnacle Bldg. Pasong Tamo Congressional Exit.


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