Soban comes to Eastwood! :)

There are those kinds of days wherein you just want to lock yourself up in your room or in the attic in my case and just ruminate on life lately and how you plan to go about it in the next couple of years down the line. I guess, I still haven’t got everything figured up as of the moment. But then again, that’s the beauty of it right? Sometimes life catches us off guard and surprises us with opportunities that we never thought we would come across and we are changed for good. 🙂 So just last week I was invited to this Bloggers Food Tasting at Soban by Aldous from Aldous Ate the World. I wasn’t really keen on the place since it just launched last May but since it was just located in Eastwood it wasn’t that hard to find. Little did I know that I was in for a treat that night. 

The owners of Soban (The 3 ladies to our left) with the bloggers that night. 

Upon arriving at the place I was actually elated to see a familiar face doing a video blog on the food being served that night. My friend Via from Encyclopevia who introduced me to the rest of the bloggers that night. Being the social butterfly that she was and being with them for already 4 events now, she mostly knew everyone around already. Thanks for bringing the gap between the bloggers Via 🙂

Via and me tonight 🙂 

So anyway, going back to Soban. The space is quite well lighted with chairs and benches arranged in booths. I think it is quite spacious to move around the place, you can even host your parties or annual reunions here. 🙂

Check out the layout of the place

Each table is fitted with a round grill for diners to cook meats and there are also exhaust shafts hanging above to prevent the entire restaurant from filling entirely with smoke. Good thing they have this so as not to contain the smell of the sizzling beef within your area and to avoid you from smelling like you just came off the grill.

I actually came in a little late due to the traffic along C5 that night hence I wasn’t able to taste everything so I will only jot here those that I have tasted and made an impact to my palate. I promise to go back soon to try out the other dishes they have in store so here goes..

First and foremost, their beef was full of flavor and was very tender to masticate and chew on. One of their waiters even assisted me in using the griller so as not to overcook/ undercook the beef. haha. Sorry! I don’t really know how to cook. But who knows right? It’s never too late..

The fully cooked beef ready to consume. Just seeing this makes my tastebuds water in anticipation already. 

Soban K-Town Grill shines the spotlight on pork and chicken dishes. Like their “Grill It Yourself Pork Sets” (It starts at P315 for 90 grams, with unlimited rice, salad, soup and egg roll appetizer), which is the restaurant’s take on the samgyupsal. While typical Korean restaurants offer meat that is neither marinated nor seasoned, Soban K-Town Grill lets diners choose from six flavors – Original, Fruity, Chili Bean, Soy Garlic, Doenjang (fermented soybean paste) and Wine.


The Fruity and Wine variants, with their slightly sweet flavors, are popular among customers, but also worth a try is the spicy Chili Bean, especially if you have a high tolerance for heat. (Since I wasn’t really a fan of spicy dishes, I opted out of this one and just stuck with the sweet flavored variants)

If you want a little bit of everything, get the 6-Flavor Samgyupsal Set (P1,420), which has all the variants and can be enjoyed by three to four persons. The set comes with four orders of refillable rice, salad, soup and egg roll appetizers.This one is perfect especially if you’re in a big group.


While waiting for the beef to be ready, I tried out their Korean tacos filled with beef bulgogi. These are actually composed of soft tortillas, shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and chunks of tasty meat made for a snack to remember. It was so soft, the texture of this taco made an impact to me immediately! 🙂
Soban K-Town Grill also offers their other specialties like the Japchae (P195) and the Korilog (P135). Desserts are quite limited but they said that in the months to come they plan to add more to the menu. Fingers crossed it’s going to be Bingsu 🙂
This is one of their signature desserts in their Menu called “The Coffee Prince” 

This sweet and delectable treat is namely after the popular Koreanovela which captured our hearts. It is made up of homemade coffee ice cream, soft graham and red beans.

I will definitely pay this restaurant another visit soon!
Soban K-Town Grill is located at 2/F Eastwood Mall, Quezon City
Tel. no. (02) 441 8460
Open from 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
For more information on Soban K-Town Grill
Like them on Facebook: Soban K-Town Grill 
Follow them on Twitter: @soban.ktown
Follow them on Instagram: @soban.ktown

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