More fun and colorful days with new Gardenia snacks

I can’t believe it has been more than two weeks since I last updated my blog. Guess time really flies so fast these days. So anyway, I’m back from my 2 week hiatus! 🙂 Yey! 🙂 So before I begin with my slew of blog posts for this week let me first start off with something exciting for a foodie girl like me who likes to eat a lot 🙂 

Looking back as a kid, I loved to experiment with various types of snacks for our merienda from whipping up made up sandwiches with condensed milk, cheese whiz or melted butter  in between or to mixing my plain rice with some milo. (Yes, I know like to try different stuff out) But of course, bread for us would always be a staple in our snack time and one of those household names which rose to fame during that time and until now is the brand called Gardenia 🙂


Gardenia has always been at the forefront of creating new ways to enjoy bread in many ways.  From its Classic White Bread that has been a part of every Filipino’s festive table, to wide array of innovative snack choices, Gardenia ensures delight and satisfaction of its valued consumers.

Recently Gardenia expanded its snack category by offering new flavors to indulge on its Twiggies snack cake product. From Gardenia Twiggies Yellow Cake, Gardenia innovated 2 new exciting flavors—the Gardenia Twiggies Pink Cake and Gardenia Twiggies Choco-Brown Cake. All are packed with essential vitamins that will definitely be a delight in every bite, as flavors gently melts in the mouth with a moist softness. These new splashes of colors in their snacks embody children’s creativity and colorful imagination.

The Twiggies Yellow Cake is a nutritious snack cake filled with butter flavor goodness that is soft and moist in every bite. Not only is this high in vitamin B1 and a source of vitamin B3 and iron but is also  the daily dose of kids’ cheerfulness and happiness all throughout the day!


Twiggies Pink Cake is jam-packed with the goodness of Tutti Fruity flavor.  Apart from the flavor that tickles your taste buds, it is also high in vitamin B3 and a good source of iron which makes it best enjoyed when with friends and loved ones.

Twiggies Choco-Brown Cake, on the other hand, is loaded with rich chocolatey flavor that is high in vitamins A, B2 & B3, and a source of vitamin B1 and iron that boost kids’ energy  every playtime and adventure.

Makes me all giddy and excited like a kid once again just thinking of these snacks as my staples every afternoon 🙂

Me being like a kid again in the Jumpyard (Like the popular song goes: Forever Young)

Gardenia Twiggies is now more affordable at only Php 5.00 (SRP), so that moms and dads can also enjoy a bit of savings for their children’s snack. It is a fun treat for kids during recess and a great go-to snack on the road for long trips. Any kid, or kids at heart, will enjoy these Twiggies as they go through their daily activities with more fun and excitement, with just a bit of splash of colors in their snacks.

To know more about other Gardenia products, visit their website at Follow their Facebook page at /gardeniaph and their Twitter and Instagram at @gardeniaph.

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