October 2016: Of Sunrise and Sunsets

They say the only constant thing in life is change right? Or was it death and taxes? haha. Now I don’t want to sound morbid here or too morose since December is just around the corner ushering in a season of festivities and special occasions so I’ll just keep everything light. 

However, maybe I just don’t feel the Christmas spirit this time around. Not to be a grinch or dampen anyone’s spirit for that matter but I don’t know why I seem to be down as of late. I guess everything happens for a reason and maybe it takes a lot of maturity to be a grown up sometimes. So I guess I would have to do away with my happy disposition or maybe lessen all those things which seem to weigh me down and cause me undue distress. Some things got to give and when you feel that unhappiness constantly lingering in your thoughts. I guess it’s the time wherein you have to check with yourself and re-assess if you’re still on the right track and if this is still what you really want.

Sunsets like these still remind me that there can still be something good in endings.  

I don’t want this post to be rife with all those negative rants and vibes so I’ll try to alter the mood and just recount and recapitulate my “Happy Moments” which transpired this month. So for starters let me first begin with the Halloween party we had at my friend Ginger’s house in Ayala Alabang a couple of weeks back.

Guess who we are?

My friend Ginger from MBA and her family always comes up with these themed Halloween parties every November replete with their character’s costumes and a whole buffet spread along with some drinks, cocktails and music to make the party an event to never forget. I was quite hesitant to head off to Alabang that night since I wasn’t really familiar with the South area but since my friend Ianne confirmed her attendance in the Fb invite I offered to pass by her area so that she could ride with me instead of us going there alone.

We actually got a little lost since it was a tad too dark that night and we couldn’t really see the street names that well. Scampering in the streets were a handful of  kids who were all donned in their favorite character costumes queueing up in the houses in the village trying to fill up their goodie bags with loads of candies and sweet treats. It was a fun night for all of us since we got to be kids once again draped in our favorite characters while sharing stories and exchanging laughs along the way.

Channeling in my inner Wednesday Adams look in our garden 🙂 
Us in character 🙂 

Me and Ianne went home a little past 12midnight since I didn’t want to drive home so late plus I still had to go to mass the day after since I missed Saturday night mass with the family. 🙂

Another highlight of this month was our trip to the Majayjay Falls with my officemates 🙂 It was definitely one for the books! Since I was pretty much sheltered growing up and wasn’t really allowed to go out that often to these out of town trips with friends. It was only when I started working that Mom became a little more lenient with me with regards to the house rules 🙂

Don’t go chasing waterfalls! 🙂 But with a sight like this to see every morning I would gladly chase waterfalls everyday 🙂 

After work we had dinner and then prepared to head off to Laguna to sleep off the night away in the hotel. It took us around 2 hours to get to the venue and when we got there which was a little past 11pm already we immediately scurried off to identify our sleeping quarters and started unpacking our things. We sang the night away in their videoke and broiled some of our raw fish and meat which we had as our midnight snacks.

We also swam in their lap pools which was classified in 2. One was the kiddie pool and one was for the adults 🙂 The next day we were all up before 6am and started off with our trek towards the mountains of Majayjay 🙂

Having a groupfie before leaving the resort. 🙂 
Us on the bridge. Good thing the bridge was sturdy enough to hold our weight 🙂 

After that escapade, they dipped themselves into the icy cold waters of the falls 🙂 It was like taking a shower under a bucket filled with ice cubes! We had a sumptuous lunch right after the trek and then headed off to our next destination while we sang songs in Mar’s car. It was definitely a road trip to remember.

Our next stop 🙂 The Windmills 🙂 

We had a few stopovers along the way as some of us had to take a break to take a leak and we also stopped by some stalls to check on some pasalubongs to bring home to our loved ones. 🙂 I bought a box of Buko Pie for my family 🙂 It was another long ride heading to the Windmills but definitely worth the travel 🙂

Taking a groupie by the windmills 🙂 
Me and my besties! 🙂 Ojay and Sephy! 🙂 Life is truly made more wonderful with these guys in tow! 🙂 

We then got back to the office a little past 7 causing me to miss Saturday mass again with the family 😦 So I made up for it the next day by waking up early and heading off to mass first thing in the morning 🙂

My friend Alleen since the grades also came for a visit here in the country. Since she’s working full time as a nurse in Ireland we just see her once in every 2 years. Kat decided that it would be best if we would all meet up in Rockwell since it was the most beneficial location for all 4 of us. I just followed after dinner since I still had to do something for work.

Me and the girls 🙂 Cheers to 13 years of friendship! 
Trying out this new food joint in Rockwell 🙂 
Food presentation was defintely a thumbs up for me 🙂 

After having dessert, we drove to a hole in the wall joint along the streets of Makati to have some drinks and catch up with each other’s lives. Then I dropped Alleen off at Katipunan while Karla rode with Kat to LGV.

A lot of other stuff had happened in the past month and as November 2016 now comes to a close all I can say is that so far 2016 had been nothing short of amazing despite the hurdles and the tribulations that may come my way I would still like to believe that it is still a beautiful life 🙂 Looking forward to more memories! 🙂


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