Celebrate the Holidays Away at Pinac UP Town

It’s the end of the year once again but it’s nothing to fret about right? Because sometimes with endings come great beginnings and it just depends on how you view things. It’s all a matter of perspective I guess. 

I have been around this year to a lot of new food joints to grab some good grub and taste their new dishes. I must say that with every new joint that I visit, I get all giddy once again like a kid taking delight in the fact that I am about to indulge into another new concept store with a different cuisine and taste.Being a food lover by nature there is nothing I love more than good food and the experience that comes along with it. So when I got invited a couple of Saturdays ago to this joint in UP Town, I immediately jumped in on the offer and asked my Mom nicely if she could drive me to UP Town. 

Having a photo op with the other Food Bloggers during that night. 

Located at the second floor of UP Town Center, one of Quezon City’s newest foodie destinations, Pinac Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine owned by Angel Pelayo-Ty, features the Pelayos’ time-tested heirloom recipes passed down from her grandmother to her mother, and now, to Angel herself. With Pinac being the Kapampangan word for swamp, particularly the Candaba Swamp in Candaba, Pampanga, the restaurant pays it tribute as Candaba is where most of Pinac’s fresh ingredients come from.


To start off my dinner, I had a refreshing glass of Cucumber Mint Dalandan Shake (P85, pictured above). I love this drink. It’s citrusy and cooling at the same time. It’s so perfect when the weather is  scorching hot.A definite thirst quencher! 🙂

To be honest since I came from mass that night I was the last one to arrive at the venue and had to settle with asking the staff and Aldous for their new promos on the menu since I wasn’t present during the briefing earlier. They said that from Mondays to Fridays of December, group meals are available at Pinac for only 999. Diners can choose from three different combinations.

First on the list is the Overloaded Pinoy Paella with Bagnet and Chicken Relleno on Mashed Potatoes with gravy. This comes with 4 glasses of Tanglad Dalandan and a big serving of Turon with Dulce de Leche. 


Second is a combination of hearty Beef Bulalo, Pancit Canton and Pork Binagoongan. This is served with steamed rice and tanglad dalandan.

And third, Beef Kare-Kare and Pinac’s 6-hour Crispy Pata. This Filipino classic pairing is served with steamed rice and drinks. This one takes the win for me as I am an avid pork lover and Kare- Kare is considered one of our family’s favorite dishes. I always see this dish during our family gatherings and reunions. 



Also, just in time for the holidays, Pinac is offering Party Takeout Trays that are good for 12-15 people. Choices included:  Lumpiang Ubod Taquitos (P950), Overloaded Pinoy Paella with Bagnet (P1250), Lengua with Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Vegetables (P1850), Pork Embutido w/ Gravy & Mashed Potatoes (P1550) and Crispy Pata in a box that ready-to-eat or frozen (P650).

Lengua with mashed potatoes

Sumptuous desserts were also served to us that night and words would not be enough to describe these sweets so I’ll just post photos instead.

Puto Bumbong and Niyog 🙂 
Chocolate Smores! 🙂 Good bye diet goals 😦 

Overall, it was a good experience for me. Might come back with the family in tow within the month so they could taste these authentic Filipino dishes as well. Try it out as well and tell me how it goes. I would love to hear from you.

For table reservations, kindly contact (02) 9585335 or 09178032150.

Pinac Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine
2/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave.,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City



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