New Find: El Chapos at the Yard

It’s been another good old two weeks since I last updated my blog. I missed blogging big time! 😦 Maybe this year I’ll make it a point to spare a day or two to just compose and draft articles so that I would not have to contend with all my backlogs and end up procrastinating during the last minute. 

Anyway, as January comes to a close a lot of remarkable events had transpired and it looks like this year is off to a great start. Aside from me finishing off my thesis for my Graduate school and landing a new job in a reputable company. Food ventures and a lot of events had also been in the pipeline of this month so without further ado, let me tell you about my recent venture to the much talked about Food Park within the confines of Katipunan called “The Yard”

Me and one of my pretty blogger friends Via taking selfie before taking photos of the stall. 

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Going Hair Free at Skin House

Being a woman can sometimes be a blessing or a curse it actually depends on how you perceive things. One thing I sometimes hate is the amount of time that we consume trying to make ourselves look attractive. I mean, going to the salon for our monthly hair treatment sessions and mani- pedi moments. Fitting out various outfits in retail stores trying to find the clothes that best compliments our figures, testing various make up swatches just to find the right shade for our skin tone. 

Also when our monthly visitor comes, in my case it is usually accompanied by hunger pangs, mood swings and feelings of being bloated or depression at some point.

However, it is still a matter of perspective right? So you can opt to look at the glass half full or the glass half empty. In my case, I am actually trying to view that glass to be half full instead of the other way around. So despite us women taking a long time to beautify ourselves it also has gains in the long run since it makes you feel good about yourself especially if you look well on the outside, it makes you feel more confident with yourself on the inside.

With that said, monthly waxing sessions for my underarm hairs are usually part of my things to do every month. I usually head off to Lay Bare or to the nearest waxing salon within my location ATM and then get my treatments there. However, not everyone has the luxury of time and some may opt to go for the permanent solution to this recurring issue hence the birth of the Gentlemax Pro Laser Hair Removal 🙂

Me and my good friend Arvin who just came here from Australia for a short vacation. He accompanied me to my appointment that day at Skin House

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Slow Brew Coffee on a Saturday

It’s no secret that I love drinking coffee. Aside from it being my mood booster come every waking morning, I love how it’s aroma slowly permeates through my nostrils and as I take a sip from my hot steaming mug of dark, frothy coffee it slowly courses through my veins and wakes me up to get me going.

So imagine my excitement when just last month I was invited to attend this coffee latte art workshop wherein we would be introduced to the basics of making brewed coffee and how to delineate good from bad coffee beans to extract that oh so natural flavor from each.

Words could not encapsulate nor describe the excitement I felt on that Saturday cause not only will I be learning more about the art of coffee making, they would also teach us how to create our own “Coffee Latte Art” so here goes..


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Aster Clinic Awarded with ISO 9001

Filipino Bloggers Network Christmas Party 2016

Being a blogger entails various kinds of things. Some do it for the compensation that it offers, some do it to serve as an outlet for all their innermost thoughts, some do it to make friends and meet new people from all walks of life and some just love to write.

What started as a passion project for me since 2014 has eventually bloomed into something more than what I initially bargained for. Through my blog,  opportunities were opened and people from all walks of life became my friends. It widened my horizons too since I was invited to a couple of new product launches and up and coming hot spots in the metro.

For me, it is more than just getting freebies from your sponsors or brands but it is more of a personal expression. An online diary wherein I can vent what I feel and what I want to say. It is more of sharing my personal thoughts on various subject matters and releasing off some steam when I’m down in the doldrums.

Members of the Filipino Bloggers Network having a group photo after the party.

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Xiao Nan Men: A Treat for the Palate

It’s the third week of January 2017 and I missed blogging big time. Sorry I had to put writing to the back burner for the last couple of weeks due to other pressing priorities but now that everything seems almost settled down. I’m going back to my usual routine of watching my favorite Korean dramas and pouring out my thoughts once again in this blog before I venture off again to another adventure. 🙂

So for my first entry I would like to recount the Christmas party that we had last December 2016 with my blogger friends from Team Aldous held at the Z Square compound in Banawe.

Me and these pretty girls from Team Aldous 🙂 Never a dull moment with them 🙂

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