Slow Brew Coffee on a Saturday

It’s no secret that I love drinking coffee. Aside from it being my mood booster come every waking morning, I love how it’s aroma slowly permeates through my nostrils and as I take a sip from my hot steaming mug of dark, frothy coffee it slowly courses through my veins and wakes me up to get me going.

So imagine my excitement when just last month I was invited to attend this coffee latte art workshop wherein we would be introduced to the basics of making brewed coffee and how to delineate good from bad coffee beans to extract that oh so natural flavor from each.

Words could not encapsulate nor describe the excitement I felt on that Saturday cause not only will I be learning more about the art of coffee making, they would also teach us how to create our own “Coffee Latte Art” so here goes..


The event was held in one of the spacious rooms along the cinemas area at Century City Mall. It was a synergistic effort from Barista Coffee Academy of Asia together with Kalsada Coffee Roasters. They taught us the basics of brewing your own coffee at your place and how to differentiate the various ground coffee beans.


There was also a taste test session which transpired wherein they made us taste various kinds of black coffee for us to distinguish one from another according to how strong it was. Since I could only consume up to 2 cups a day of coffee or else I would be prone to palpitations I made sure to not overdo it and just took some sips here and there.

These were the sticks used to mix the condiments in your black coffee
Some of their top of the line equipment and flasks used to brew those coffee beans. Reminds me of my High School days wherein we would experiment in our science labs using various kinds of flasks.


Students and teachers from the Barista Coffee Academy of Asia were also there to assist and help us around if we had questions. Everyone was very amicable and gamely answered whenever we had questions.

Other delicacies were also up for sale during the event like Bibingka and Puto Bumbong wherein it served as the perfect compliment to the hot brewing cup of coffee. Since I still had to go somewhere I wasn’t able to stay long during the course of the event so I just asked the organizer if they can teach me the basics of the Coffee Latte Art since I really wanted to see how it was made and it wasn’t until the later part of the afternoon.

Kindly enough, they were able to accommodate my request and even let me inside their working stations for me to closely observe how it was done. It was amazing! It’s a skill that you can only muster through consistent practice and perseverance since it takes up a lot of control for you to come up with the design of your latte with everything being symmetrical in all angles. It was the highlight of the workshop for me and I would gladly register again for another workshop like this.

Here’s the latte art sample which Mich did 🙂 Amazing right? 🙂


Hope they come up with more events like these 🙂 So eventually I can also make my own masterpiece and hone another new life skill 🙂


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