Going Hair Free at Skin House

Being a woman can sometimes be a blessing or a curse it actually depends on how you perceive things. One thing I sometimes hate is the amount of time that we consume trying to make ourselves look attractive. I mean, going to the salon for our monthly hair treatment sessions and mani- pedi moments. Fitting out various outfits in retail stores trying to find the clothes that best compliments our figures, testing various make up swatches just to find the right shade for our skin tone. 

Also when our monthly visitor comes, in my case it is usually accompanied by hunger pangs, mood swings and feelings of being bloated or depression at some point.

However, it is still a matter of perspective right? So you can opt to look at the glass half full or the glass half empty. In my case, I am actually trying to view that glass to be half full instead of the other way around. So despite us women taking a long time to beautify ourselves it also has gains in the long run since it makes you feel good about yourself especially if you look well on the outside, it makes you feel more confident with yourself on the inside.

With that said, monthly waxing sessions for my underarm hairs are usually part of my things to do every month. I usually head off to Lay Bare or to the nearest waxing salon within my location ATM and then get my treatments there. However, not everyone has the luxury of time and some may opt to go for the permanent solution to this recurring issue hence the birth of the Gentlemax Pro Laser Hair Removal 🙂

Me and my good friend Arvin who just came here from Australia for a short vacation. He accompanied me to my appointment that day at Skin House

To be honest, I was a little skeptical in trying this procedure out since I was quite comfortable with my old routine of heading to the waxing salon every month. However, what they offer is more attractive since they will permanently eliminate the hair growth in your underarms by targeting the follicles and stunting their growth in the process.

Upon entering the place in Pioneer this is what their waiting area looks like so cosmopolitan right? 🙂
Me and Arvin taking selfies in their waiting lounge while waiting it out for my turn to be called.
Before the procedure commences they would make you sign a waiver form in their tablet asking for your personal data along with your medical history

Once I was called I was ushered immediately to a room to wait for the therapist who would do the procedure.

This sign is posted outside your door once the patient is already inside to ensure privacy
This is how their bed looks like upon entering the room 🙂
They make sure that all their equipment are clean and sterilized for every customer that they serve. 



For those not familiar with the procedure, here’s a little briefer on the subject matter:

The GentleMax Pro is a dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest and most powerful 755 nm premier laser with the Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser for high performance treatment capabilities in terms of speed, efficacy, ease-of-use, outstanding performance, safety and patient satisfaction.
A photo of their machine 🙂
Laser energy is delivered through a small hand piece operated by the practitioner. The laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the skin and converted to heat. The heat is then absorbed by the cells being targeted, while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. Skin may be slightly red immediately following the procedure. This typically lasts from a few minutes to several hours after the procedure.
The therapist was very friendly and explained to me what will happen. They first checked if I had a forest down there meaning the hair in my UA area was already in full bloom.
Before the procedure

They then drew a sign on my UA to mark the spots that they were to target and upon me removing my upper garments the procedure began as I lay in their bed with my eyes shielded by their protective goggles.

During the procedure

You will actually feel a little stinging sensation like a rubber band pulled against your skin due to the laser beam but it was tolerable for me. On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain for me would be around  4 since I am quite sensitive to these kinds of things however after the beam a mist of water would soon follow suit to cool you off. So it wasn’t that bad as I expected 🙂

After the procedure I was more confident in wearing sleeveless tops 🙂 Good bye UA hair 🙂

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